Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Paranormal month here at The Wild Rose Press

Kicking off the first half of the month you have moi, me,
Amanda Barnett & our lovely editors. Let's kick back
and have a good time. And don't forget our sister line
Black Rose, under the wonderful direction of Callie Lynn Wolfe,
will be handling the rest of the month.

Let me tell you a little bit about the Faery Rose line,
we've changed a bit over the years. Picture your hottest hunk,
sexiest heroine, and put them in a scenario that's both magical
and sensual. Now, that doesn't mean you can go erotic,
that's our Scarlet line, but we do like to see some spice
in our submissions but we do also like sweet, spicy, and hot.

Don't worry if you cross over the line,
we'll get your work where it needs to go.

Faery is so much more than Faery creatures.
There are immortals, dragons, space warriors and more.
Our line spans so many different characters.

What we're looking for are short submissions
no longer than 45K with a time travel theme,
but remember your avenue of time traveling has to be
magical if you return to the past. I'd love to see more
romances where the hero and heroine go back and forth,
it makes for a nice mixture.

Of course that's what I like, but our other wonderful editors,
Claudia Fallon, Sarah Hansen, Kelly Schaub,
and Frances Sevilla will be taking their turns,
and I'm positive they will tell you what they like also.

The bottom line is we need the hero and heroine
to have goal, motivation, and conflict to make the
romance into something readers will buy and want to keep
on their keeper shelf. I know I have several favorite authors
and I keep their books and take them out to read months
and even years after I first read them. It's like having an
old friend stop by. Also, if you are submitting always look
at our guidelines. We want happy ever after or at least for now.

Ghosts are fine but I want the hero and heroine to be able
to be together in actual bodies. Call me old fashion
but I like the sensuality of knowing they can actually
touch one another. Science fiction is also a wonderful
sub-genre for us.

Now settle back, Twitter, Facebook, whatever method you use
to get the news off and tell your friends to drop by.
We love new faces as well as our cherished and dear friends
already here at The Wild Rose Press.

And a big shout out to all our Faery Rose authors:
Thank you for a job well done.
Editors at faery, you rock. Couldn't do it without you.

Amanda Barnett/Senior Editor/Faery Rose


Sharon Buchbinder, Romance Author said...

Thanks for the tips, Amanda. I have to work on my paranormal novel a bit more to get it ready for prime time. =]

Frances Sevilla said...
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Frances Sevilla said...

October is, without a doubt, paranormal month. I'm looking forward to visits with all our Faery and Black Rose authors. Great post, Amanda.
~~~ Fran
Faery Rose Editor

Kelly McCrady said...

Thank you for the nod to we hardworking editor-types, Amanda.

Amanda Barnett Freelance Editor said...

You are most welcome, Sharon.

Amanda Barnett

Amanda Barnett Freelance Editor said...

I know what you mean, Frances! We have some great authors on Faery and all our authors in the paranormal line are to be commended on jobs well done!


Amanda Barnett Freelance Editor said...

Kelly, a Senior Editor is only as strong as the editors who work with her. You all on faery have shown your determination, your skill, and your caring to make this a line I am so proud of all of you. Thank you!


Sarah Hansen said...

October is one of my very favorite months, and I am extra excited to get to spend it with the authors and editors in the garden at TWRP!

Amanda Barnett Freelance Editor said...

Hi Sarah! October can be a really exciting month! I'm looking forward to your blog post and what you have to tell us about Faery!