Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tips to Make Your Hot Sex Scenes Erotic by Trish Owens

Scarlet is about erotic romance--our readers want to know about every kiss, caress and touch, and how the point of view (POV) character responds, reacts, and experiences those kisses, touches and caresses. So a pet peeve for me is when authors send me an erotic romance with barely half a page of sex. Talk about wham, bam, thank you m'am!

So, how long should you plan on making your sex scenes? Think of at least a few paragraphs for each part. The first kiss can be very detailed, then first base, then second base. The actual 'act' can be a couple of paragraphs. The fireworks should have their own paragraph. Of course, more is better. We can always cut out what isn't needed. We've never rejected anyone for writing too much sex!

A "first sex" scene should be many pages since the characters are getting to know each other in a whole new way. There are lots to describe, perhaps compare to past lovers. You can add in dialogue. Allowing the characters to communicate and get to know each other really connects them to the reader (and adds word count!)

Any additional scenes should show some variety. Add in a different position, let them try something new, or somehow show growth in their character. Maybe the heroine is shy, and the last sex scene she's grown to the point that she is comfortable enough to be in charge in the bedroom. Readers love variety. They also love the darker side of sex, so don't be afraid to allow your characters to stray to the kinky side!

And lastly, make sure the language is frank and detailed. Technical body parts you learned in school aren't what readers want. They don't want flowery descriptions for the delicious bits, either! If you're unsure what the buzz words are, you should be picking up some of our sizzlin' Scarlets to broaden your horizons and see what the editors are looking for!!

Trish Owens
Scarlet Rose Editor

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Class of '85 hits the ground running

I am so thrilled with the author response to our idea for a reunion series, The Class of '85. It came about as the best things usually do, by accident. Back in February or March, during a regular staff meeting, the Last Rose of Summer editors came up the idea for a reunion, batting ideas around such as getting revenge on prom queens and the best looking guys, what ever happened to the one most likely to spend time in a maximum security cage. Mind you, this was just goofing around, we agreed to mull things over and come together again in one month's time.

Within days, Senior Editor Spencer Glenn [who directed traffic with the wildly successful Wayback Texas series] generously contributed an idea which helped gel the entire idea of a reunion series. Her thoughts were so clear and intriguing they could not be ignored. Voila! the Class of '85 came to life after a remarkably easy labor and delivery.

A call for submissions went out in late March and an author loop was created. At the same time, the location for the reunion [actual and figuratively] was created, then tweaked, complete with photographs. As questions came in to the loop, a spreadsheet, created by Historical Division Managing Editor Nicole D'Arienzo, was implemented.

As stories were submitted in April [and continue to come in] contracts were offered. Today, less than four months later, we are delighted to announce the first of the alums attending the reunion: Getting It Right, by Donna Bolk, came out 8/15/10; The Serious Moonlight, by Janet Halpin will make the scene on 8/18/10; and The Lonely Road to You, by Jannine Gallant will arrive on 8/25/10. Corvette Confessions by Stacy Dawn and Fairy Tales Do Come True by Silver James will follow in September.

More will follow throughout the fall; the possibilities for what is on the horizon for the end of the year and into 2011 are endless. On behalf of the Last Rose of Summer editors and Class of '85 authors, we hope you will enjoy returning to Summerville, NY on the shores of Lake Ontario, and see what happened to the prom queen, the best looking guy, and the one most likely to spend time in a maximum security cage.
Kathy Cottrell

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bruce Willis, Mary Louise Parker, Red and TWRP

Reading that subject probably makes you wonder how on earth The Wild Rose Press is connected with two such famous stars. Well, this week, we were happy to announce that TWRP has provided all the books that serve as props in the new Bruce Willis movie RED coming to theatres on October 15, 2010.

Mary Louise Parker plays the heroine and she is the reason for all the romance novels - her character is a huge reader and the production company needed to fill her apartment with books. We were honored to be asked to provide the books.

You can see the trailer for this movie on our web site or by clicking the link below:

It was fun to be part of something so incredibly big and while we don't know as of this writing how many of our books will appear on screen - it was a great experience just to be asked to share in it. I know a lot of the staff members will be buying tickets - I hope you'll enjoy it too.