Thursday, October 14, 2010

From Faery Rose Editor: Sarah Hansen

Glorious October

October is my favorite month, hands down. September, April, and May are pretty good too, but I have a special spot just for October. It’s my birthday month (29, of course), and entails all of my fall favorites: pumpkins, apples, fall colors, and reading!

The days have been fantastic in the Midwest; warm and sunny with rich blue skies. The trees wear their tapestry of warm-toned foliage. And, best of all, the nights get cool and dark with a touch of spooky in anticipation of the upcoming holiday. As I sit in my favorite reading nook, listening to the night sounds, I imagine I can hear the whisper of a hunting owl, swooping through the woods. A coyote keens in the distance, and I snuggle with my softest blanket and dive into a great read.

Right now my favorites are short paranormal romance stories. Ghosts, dragons, mermaids, time travelers, and more abound through my imagination, drawing me in to their depths. The heat of attraction and realization warms me up as the temperatures outside drop.

Please, keep me happy and write me a story. Hot and short, but fully developed and exquisitely written, with all the elements needed to fit the Faery line. I’ll look forward to seeing your story.

Sarah Hansen

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Kelly McCrady said...

Aw, now I want to go scribble a pumpkin missive with dragons and crunchy fall leaves (better than cruncy knights errant or virgin princesses).

And drink cocoa whilst I compose...