Thursday, October 7, 2010

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SEARCHING FOR UNCOMMON LOVE STORIES? - You've come to the right place. Like the Seeley and Unseeley  courts in the elusive world of the Fae, the Faery Rose line consists of both light and dark elements of the paranormal world, each necessary and complementary to the other.
The worlds in our books are not exclusively found here on earth or, for that matter, even on this plane of existence. The common ground with any book in the Faery line, is that the reader truly has to suspend their sense of reality when they open the book, either as an eBook or in paperback.
The true pleasure of the read is escaping the day-to-day pressures or doldrums and being transported through time or space, immersed in ghosts or witches, dragons or pixies, water nymphs or angels, off world beings or different dimensions. The reader can count on one thing from the start -- a satisfying romance with a happily ever after, or at the very least, a happy for now ending.   
Just as there is seldom a good plot without conflict, a satisfying romance without love, or light without dark, a Faery Rose story could be sweet or spicy, full of adventure, danger, sorrow, and joy in addition to being just a good old-fashioned love story. Let one of our books take you away this month . . . you decide where you want to go.    


Kelly McCrady said...

Frances--tell our readers what you specifically want to see--they may not have seen the comments on the "space cowboys" post :-)

I agree that the joy of reading fantasy and scifi is the escapism. Themes can be explored in a non-real, and therefore non-threatening, setting.

Sharron Riddle said...

Frances, great blog. I love all things magical! One of these days I hope I'll have a story to pique your interest!

Frances Sevilla said...

Kelly, I'll let them submit the space cowboys to you. LOL Right now, I want a few darkly dangerous fae men to dazzle my heroines, or a hunky Selky (merman) to take me away to a deserted island.

Catherine Bybee said...

*waving... Hi Fran,
I love that the Feary - Faerie - Fairy... or however you wanna spell it, line has so many paranormal angles to explore.
Great post.

Sarah Hansen said...

I always love a book that I can fall into, especially if it has paranormal elements. The best stories are those I come out of with a sense of bittersweet acceptance. Loved the book, hated to finish my role in that world. Great post!

Amanda Barnett Freelance Editor said...

I agree, Frances has and always does an awesome job in telling it like it is. The Fae world is so much more faceted than just wings and fluff. The dark side has a sensuality about it that pulls readers in. I love Karen Marie Moning's series and would love to see more books that explore that type of magick.


Claudia Fallon said...

Good sum-up, Frances!