Saturday, September 27, 2008

Inspirational vs. Clean Romance

People sometimes ask me what's the difference between a Christian story [White Rose] and a sweet story. [Sweetheart Rose]. I know this is because at TWRP we will go beyond the boundaries of traditional CBA guidelines, and so some authors think that White Rose is really nothing more than a "clean" romance--hence the confusion between White Rose and Sweetheart. However, a White Rose is more than just a clean romance. Yes, the romance is there. Yes, we will allow our hero to drink a glass of wine with dinner. Yes, the hero and heroine may spend the night alone together--chastely, of course--if the plot warrants it (maybe they are on the run from villain and have no choice), but a White Rose has to convey a Christian message, no matter how subtle. Characters in a White Rose must be Christian--or discovering Christianity as the plot develops.

Tough issues such as death, addictions, pre-marital sex, can be addressed, but they have to be addressed from a Christian world view. That means that anything which opposes traditional Christian teaching cannot be construed as OK. Maybe your heroine did get pregnant before she got married, but it's got to be in the backstory, and she's got to have already figured out that her behaviour was wrong (the pre-marital sex, not having the baby.) We want to see those tough issues handled if they can be wrapped around an emotionally compelling romance.

Then, there are the people who basically ask if they can write a secular novel, but then just have the characters go to church a couple of times, or pray once in a while. Christians FROG (fully rely on God) to guide them in their lives. This entails a little more than a once-a-week trip to holy ground and a quick, "God help me," sprinkled in. Being Christian puts a person in a different mind-set; that character will react differently than a non-Christian, will think differently. This should shine through in an inspirational romance. The personality of the character should emanate his/her faith--without being didactic.

So, White Roses are not just clean romances where the character says a quick prayer before meals. White Roses are stories of faith-filled or struggling Christians finding their soulmate. For complete guidelines, visit our main website.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

We're Looking for some Cowboys...

That's right. I've noticed a bit of a slowdown in the corral lately and I wanted to put out a challenge to any authors out there who wanted to try something a little different from their norm. Personally, I'd love to see some more short stories ( 5K to 20K) submitted to the Yellow Rose line (longer are fine too!).

Here's my challenge: Simply find a picture of a cowboy from anywhere...a magazine, the internet, billboard, wherever but find one that speaks to you--sexy, sweet, that's your call. You don't need to show me or anyone else for that matter--call him your private cowboy as he's simply for inspiration **wink**.

Whatever picture you find, sit back and study it for a moment and ask yourself questions--How did he get there? Did someone break his heart? Who healed it? Is he headed to his sweetheart, or still searching--how does he find her? Is he looking for a fun little romantic romp or a soul-changing love? Does a city girl catch his eye or the girl on the next ranch?

Play what if: What if your cowboy met a tatoo artist or a corporate lawyer? What if he was headed home from a rodeo and took a wrong turn?

The possibilities are endless and I would love to see what you come up with to corral the heart of the cowboy in your picture. We're looking for good, solid stories with a strong romance. Click HERE for our submission guidelines. Along with the required information, add Yellow Rose Challenge to your subject line. This is a fun and open challenge for all!

Friday, September 5, 2008


I am so excited. I am teachable!! I want to start by thanking the patient teachers who have been so great. I have worked with computers for...well, let's not go there. It is just too depressing. I have even taught my kids how to use computers but blogging was something I couldn't get in my brain.

So, now that I am in here, you would think I would have something really incredible to say, wouldn't you? :) Since I don't, I'll start with some basics. My name is Lori Graham and I am the senior editor for the Crimson Rose line of The Wild Rose Press. I also do some editing for the Climbing Rose line and the White Rose line because you can't live in murder and mayhem 100% of the time. I have been blessed by a wonderful family both at home and here at the garden and if you are still new to the house, you will love it here.

Crimson Rose is nearing our "month of the year" as we are the featured line in November. We are in the planning stages for the month so be looking for new items in association with it. However, if you have ever considered trying your hand at a crimson and want to give it a shot, I would love to get some free reads out on the website. Please give me a jingle at and let's talk.

Also, while we always love a full and rosebud manuscript and how they help us escape our non-reading lives, I would love to see some rosettes and miniatures added to our catelogue. I understand it is tougher to write a romantic, suspenseful short but it can be done so I'll put the challenge out there. Any takers??

Have a great weekend everyone and for those of you who love football, is fall again!!


Vintage Rose

Vintage Month! Ahhhh, a good vintage wine, an old record on the, no, that would be a Golden Oldie on the MP3, maybe? Did you know LPs, records, are coming back? Only they call them vinyls now. Kinda like what we used to know in Iowa in the ‘50s & ‘60s as high heels and spikes are now back as stilettos. “There is nothing new under the sun” but there will always be a new name for it, huh?

The Vintage line at The Wild Rose Press concentrates on the stories of the 1900s, wherever they are, whatever they’re called...we run the gamut from sweet to hot for sensuality, and our settings have ranged throughout Australia and Europe as well as the U.S.A., and we’d love to explore farther. Sometimes we do some time traveling from here to there and back again, and what fun that is!

Wouldn’t you like to join us? People are people and romance is romance, wherever and whenever you find them. All that changes is the window dressing...the setting might look a bit different from today’s scene in the same place, the manners and social expectations might be a bit more formal, the dress code more according to strict guidelines, but the hearts that beat under those vintage outfits are just as loving, just as easily broken, just as ready to jump for joy at the sight of the beloved person!

We’re here to answer your questions, to tell you more about the books that have been published at TWRP in the Vintage Rose line already, to encourage you to explore your own family history and the history of your own setting. Sometimes a little-known natural disaster can spark a story, or an unusual comment from someone on the never know when your creativity is going to announce, “Now, there’s a story!” So start looking with Vintage and the 1900s in mind, and I’ll just bet you will come up with something we want to publish!

The Editors at Vintage Rose

Thursday, September 4, 2008


What a busy month we have going here already. First its the anniversary of our bookstore. Our bookstore turned 2 years old this week! If you haven't checked out our books lately, you really need to browse our shelves. There are so many awesome stories waiting to be read.

We have a brand new newsletter up on the website. If you click through to the garden gate and scroll down on the main page you should see it at some point by late today (Thursday).

We gave away our first SONY eREader! The lucky lady was one of our authors Dianne Miley who purchased a story from one of our sponsoring authors and her name was drawn out of all the entries we had. The next round of this fun contest starts on September 22 so keep watch for it.

September is Last Rose of Summer and Vintage Rose Month. We will spend all month celebrating these lines and talking with the editors and authors from there. All our Vintage Rose titles are on sale at 10% off. In LROS you'll see we have a brand new series called "Chapter Two" check out the Rose of the month page for more details.

Over at Scarlet Rose they are cooling down from their 31 Sultry Nights contest. The lucky winner of a $75 gift certificate to Fredericks of HOllywood was Kealie Shay. I'm told there was over 3000 posts last month to the Wilder Roses loops. Way to go ladies!

Fall is on its way and hopefully as the leaves turn and your thoughts shift to indoor activities you'll visit our two year old bookstore and download some wonderful stories to curl up with on a crisp fall day.

Thanks for all your support the past two years. We promise even more to come in the next two.