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The Character Of Heroines

We talk about them all the time. We talk about their qualities, we talk about what they say, and of course, we write about their love life. So, exactly what constitutes a heroine and how is she clearly defined in her role? Why is this protagonist so universally loved that people will read an endless number of stories about her and her fellow heroines?

The meaning of the word, heroine, implies all the positive traits of humanity.

heroine – noun - 1 a: a mythological or legendary woman having the qualities of a hero b: a woman admired and emulated for her achievements and qualities 2 a: the principal female character in a literary or dramatic work b: the central female figure in an event or period. (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary)

She is quite literally, the central, lead character in a romance. When an author writes a story, the entire story revolves around this woman’s actions, challenges, reactions, thoughts and feelings.

Even when writing from the man’s point of view, we are given glimpses into the character of the heroine.

To write a heroine whom readers will love, an author must delve deeply into the psyche of humanity. A heroine can have negative feelings and thoughts, but they must always be tempered by the cause or motivation for those emotions. In addition, those feelings must be fleeting, or be negated by something positive in her heart.

Although there are a few heroines written who are gossipy, unkind, money-grubbing and self-centered (the movie character Scarlett O’Hara comes to mind) in most cases, a true heroine only displays these tendencies, without believing them. How she feels and thinks about these negative emotions is quite the contrary and it is delineated by her warmth, heart and caring.

Heroines, quite simply, are heroic. They may be scared, they may be angry, they may be upset, tearful, whiny, and cranky, but in the end, they understand that they must act, and by acting, they show their courage, control, compassion and worth to the reader.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Our Grand Prize winner!

Congratulations to .....

Emma Lai (Cari Quinn was not eligible to win the grand prize)

You are our grand prize winner. You will receive a gorgeous tote bag full of books, a t-shirt, coffee mug, gift certificates and whatever else we can stuff in a tote bag or if you would rather, you can take a $30 gift certificate to the TWRP bookstore.
(this can be any TWRP store, White Rose Publishing, the Wilder Roses or the main Wild Rose Press bookstore.)

email me at

thank you to everyone who participated today. The garden is truly an amazing place.

Thank you from the Wild Rose Press - Blog Party Winners

Thank you to everyone for sharing our third birthday. If you are one of the winners from the posts today, please email me at Today's winners will receive their choice of digital book from the line hosting the hour that their name was drawn from, except those that won on my lunch break post.
Those 4 winners will be mailed their prize. The grand prize winner will be announced in a few minutes.

Here is the list of hourly winners:
English Tea Rose – Silver James
Scarlet Rose – Cyranowriter
Cover Artists – Deborah Rittle
Humming birds – Pam Thibodeau.
Yellow Rose – Ann Campbell
American Rose - Amber Leigh Williams
Cactus Rose – Becky
Vintage Rose - Marye Ulrich
Champagne Rose - Lynda Lukow
Last Rose of Summer – Shannon Donovan
White Rose - Hywela Lyn
Crimson Rose – Mary Rickson
Faery Rose - Catherine Bybee
Black Rose – danie88
Climbing Rose – Future Mrs. Ashley Rose
Sweetheart Rose – Christine

Lunch break prize winners
Susan Shay - book light
Larena - book light
Tarah Scott - book thong
danie88 - book thong

Thank you for a wonderful three years and we'll celebrate again next year.

Parting is such Sweet Sorrow--so come and pitch the editors of the Sweetheart line!

The last hour is always the sweetest. Thanks for stopping by. For our blog post, we'd like to open it up to pitches. Formal, informal--do you have a sweetheart of a read? We'd like to hear about it.

Enter your pitch in the comments. (and refresh to see new comments!) Give us the name of your story, the computer word count, the conflict (or what keeps your hero and heroine apart) and the resolution. Just remember--keep that bedroom door firmly closed. The Sweetheart line is emotionally-driven.

Make us laugh, make us cry-make us feel something--and you're guaranteed a request.

Leanne Morgena, the senior editor of Sweetheart, says...

I’m sorry I can’t participate in “real time” but I’m involved with my RWA chapter-sponsored conference today and tomorrow. Recently, I was interviewed for a New Zealand newsletter and was asked what makes a great submission for the Sweetheart line.

This is what we look for:

A story that starts off by pitting two well-developed personalities against each other and then keeps them together, but at odds, for the majority of the rest of the page count. Something from their individual pasts makes them hesitant to view the other as a potential mate. Through the course of the story, events take place that cause them to look at each other in a new way. Experiencing these events together allows them to create a relationship that moves from attraction to respect to trust to love.

At the end of the story, we look for both main characters to make a choice that they couldn’t have made at the beginning. They do it because they are stronger people for having known the other or because they choose to put another’s interests above theirs. In a line that doesn’t contain other plot elements (paranormal, suspense, sensuality), character growth and emotional content are the keys that hold the story together and have to be its focus.

Her personal favorites are:

--reunion stories because when characters have a past, they have to get over whatever broke them apart and whatever is keeping them apart now. I also like stories that involve competent people thrown into situations for which they have no training are also favorites. (big city girl on a farm, scientist put into the public eye, adult with no siblings taking care of friend’s small child, injured cop accepting help) Urban or rural, humorous or emotional, be sure to develop your setting so the reader has the tools to create mental images for your characters and where they live and work.

Vicky Reed says...

My personal faves are best friends who fall in love, realistic jobs and settings. It's fun to be rich or own a bed and breakfast--but retail clerks, unemployed mothers who find the love of their life and a job, fast-food workers and people putting in time at the food bank to help themselves and others, fall in love every day. I'd also like to see ethnic characters, African-American, Japanese-American, Filipino-American, whatever kind of (insert here)-American you are. I want to see Uncle Taki and Auntie Marival. Your granddaddy or uncles. Fly your colors. Whoever they are, make sure your hero and heroine are three dimensional and don't let the setting or secondary characters upstage the love story.

A special request for...

The Flower Basket--our Sweetheart Continuity

Do you have what it takes to be a part of The Flower Basket?

Sweetheart is currently seeking submissions to The Flower Basket series set in a small town called Almendra in central California. A free read titled Business is Blooming (available on our website) by Linda Carroll-Bradd launched the series, provides essential information about the town and introduces the three shop owners. Some element in your story has to include contact (in person, phone or email) with the shop or one of the three shop owners for a flower delivery.

The trick to plotting an appropriate story is to take an existing part of the town’s economic or social life and figure out a romantic story for two people who would live and/or work in this town (without duplicating what’s been contracted). Although the characters you create need to interact with The Flower Basket and the owners, your story can’t create any new storylines for Steffie, Grace or Donica, or some of the other characters. We hope that’s not too confusing.

A story chart detailing the existing characters, their roles/professions, and businesses mentioned in the contracted books is available on request from The chart also details which characters are reserved by the original author and which are available for others to use. The senior editor, Leanne Morgena, is also willing to review story outlines for works-in-progress.

Thanks for being here with us! We hope you had a wonderful time. The Sweetheart line will be available until 11p.m. EST. Pitch us! ....and you might win a prize. :)

Climbing Roses Prom Mania

Welcome to all you late nighters! This hour is hosted by Climbing Rose, our YA line.

Hope you’ve had a special Friday night so far. We’re glad you’ve joined us. Feel free to make comments or ask any questions. We have several authors and editors stopping by to answer. Some of our special teen readers may be joining us as well. I’d like our Climbing Rose team members (that includes authors and readers, too) to introduce themselves & leave comments.

Birthdays are always exciting times, and the best part is getting presents. So we have lots of presents for Climbing fans. One lucky person will walk away with the book of her (or his) choice just for commenting during this hour. But that’s only the beginning.

Climbing Rose is celebrating Prom Mania all month. If you stop by our Climbing blog and mention you saw this logo, your name will be entered in the drawings for great prizes supplied by our authors throughout May. If you find this logo on our authors’ websites or social networking sites, you’ll have multiple chances to enter. And that’s not all.

Because May is our special Climbing Rose promo month, we’ll be celebrating Prom Mania with free reads, prom-related quizzes, crafts, kissing tips, embarrassing prom moments, and advice on choosing the perfect prom dress. We’ll even post info on where to get free or low-cost prom gowns.

Send your friends or favorite teens to visit the site, and join us for some fun. (You won’t want to miss the pictures of our authors in their prom gowns, big hair and all!) All of this will take place at Stop by every Friday in May for a fun quiz. And throughout the month, we’ll be drawing names at random from those who comment or participate in our quizzes. Best of all, all of our Climbing Rose books will be discounted for the entire month. Take advantage of the sale to pick up some of your favorite titles.

You can find info about upcoming releases, fabulous booktrailers (some of them designed by talented teens), author pictures and bios, and read the stories behind the books. How did our authors come up with their ideas? Read the blog to find out.

Exciting things are happening in Climbing Rose. At our CR blog, moderated by our teen reviewer Blaize Rose, CR authors have been blogging on topics of interest to teens. Even better is the new Climbing Roses store for print releases, a safe place for teens to shop. With a dozen new titles slated to be released, Climbing Rose is the place to be for teens and the young at heart.

Also, join us in the chat room on May 14 from 8-9 p.m. EST. You can talk to Climbing Rose authors, editors, and some of our wonderful teen readers. Ask questions about our books, the writing process, or how to submit to the Climbing Rose line. We'd love to see you there.

Have any questions for us now? Ask away. We’d be more than happy to answer them.


Kat O’Shea

Senior Editor, Climbing Rose

P.S. One last gift before I send you out into the night at the end of our hour (unless you're off to the Sweetheart blog). I thought this blog & the video (if you haven't already seen it, or even if you have, you may want to watch it again) was both touching and inspiring.

Here's to following your dreams!

Happy 3rd Birthday, TWRP!

...from all of us in the deepest, darkest corner of the garden.

Imagine an ebony scape cast silvery beneath a hunter's moon. Silhouettes dance in deep shadow. A lone howl pierces the stillness of the night. Rapture and lust beat within the heart of a lone woman who finds herself in the clutches of the most alluring man she has ever met.

Yes, you've entered the dark fantasy of Black Rose.

Allow me to introduce myself properly. I am Callie Lynn Wolfe, Senior editor. I joined TWRP in its first year and cannot believe two and a half years have whizzed by already. I love my job, the company, my staff, and all the wonderfully imaginative authors we gain daily in our little corner.

Black Rose for those who may not be familiar with this line is the home of sensual vamp, sexy weres, and just about any other dark seductive creature you can image. We do love lusty, hot stories but also like the lighter weres, vamp, demon, etc.

Now for a few words from my staff:

Lill Farrell
Lill's Personal Pet Peeves
Run of the mill vampires- you know the kind, they hate garlic sauce on their pizza, won't cross running water (or stand in a hot steamy shower with the heroine), sleep in coffins in a crypt (not even on satin sheets) and talk with Eastern European accents. On the same note are werewolves who howl at the moon, rip their shirts to shreds and leave piles of hair on the couch.

This leads me to what I would like to see
Shifters of a different sort, don't be bound by the idea of werewolves. There are many different animals out there, be unique, take that leap beyond the norm. Darker stories, that delve into the paranormal instead of just hitting the edges, dig deeper, push the boundaries and raise the bar. Readers (including me) want to be taken to places they haven't visited before. I want to be sucked into the pages and forget my surroundings. Create worlds that are so three dimensional that I can reach out and touch them. Immerse your characters into these settings, turn up the emotion, fire up the passion, bring on the darkness.

Write with passion, infuse your stories with emotion and with imagery.

Amanda Barnett

Hi everyone. I'm Amanda Barnett and I have the wonderful honor of being an editor on the Black Rose line. I love what I do and love my authors, present and future.
I love edgy characters, emotion driven plots and sensuality in a manuscript whether it is a vamp or were! Grab me from the first line or two, keep me wanting to read moreand I am happier than an editor with chocolates.

Some thoughts on Vampires, Myths or Truth.

So many authors have many ideas on whether or not vampires or real. I know there are a lot of things in the world, some I truly don't want to know about, and there are always some rumors, myths, etc that support the existence of all types of creatures. Whether or not, our fanged heroes or heroines are facts or creations of an author's vivid imagination, I think we can all agree, this type of character, fascinates us all.

I've read stories of monsters who did not want to be redeemed, vamps who want their souls back and your ordinary fanged variety who prefer to live and let live. What I want to see in the heroes I read about is simply they have the characteristics that make a hero. Give me a long-haired, been burned vamp who is softened by love and I'm putty in an author's hands. I want to experience the emotions of how the I don't need anyone in my life vamp realizes that the only thing important in life, mortal or immortal, is love.

I would love to know your thoughts on what you think make a hero a hero, whether they are fanged or clawed.

Eilidh Mackenzie

On Scottish culture and history...getting the facts right.

As a Scot working in romance publishing, I frequently cringe at the descriptions of Scottish people and history. Subs come over my desk asserting that all of Scotland’s strong young men were killed in the battles with the English. Well, that was true 260 years ago, but a generation later, there was a whole new crop of strong young men.
I’ve lost count of the historical or time travel stories, whose hero, six or seven hundred years ago, is the stereotypical kilted Highlander, the noble underdog, struggling against oppression by the English. Actually, when the Scots weren’t cattle raiding and pillaging their own Highland and Lowland neighbors , they made outright invasions of English territory. The English perpetrated horrific retaliations, but if you bang on a beehive, you gotta expect to be stung.
And they didn’t wear kilts back then! In fact, when the modern kilt became popular in the nineteenth century, it was a fashion statement stimulated by Queen Victoria’s romance with the Highlands. By the time Highlanders fought in kilts, they were fighting for the English, in the British army.
Okay, I’ve calmed down a bit now. I must admit that, of course, Highlanders wore a form of the kilt centuries ago and yes, they fought against the English, but probably not as much as they fought amongst themselves. The original kilt—the belted plaid—showed up around 1600. It was a vast plaid blanket, maybe five feet wide and up to twenty feet long. The wearer scrunched it by handfuls up the middle of the length and belted the bundle around his waist. The plaid fell below the waist to about the knee, and the top half was draped and pinned about the torso.
Sounds awkward, but this was actually a practical garment in the gales, rain, and snow of the Highlands. The naturally dyed colors blended with the heather and gorse of the mountains, so your rival clansmen didn’t catch you stealing their cattle, and the layers of wool kept some warmth trapped against the body. Scratchy, yes, but a linen shirt under the plaid made it comfortable. At night, you could wrap the plaid around yourself, and a friend, if you were lucky, for a cosy sleeping bag.
What does all this have to do with romance novels? Those Highland warriors make superb alpha male heroes. I would dearly love to see manuscripts showing the realities of Highland life, instead of the softened, cartoonish, pretend Scots that never existed. Two excellent resources for learning about the Scotland that actually was are The Emperor’s New Kilt: The Two Secret Histories of Scotland, by Jan-Andrew Henderson, and How the Scots Invented the Modern World, by Arthur Herman.
Proud, me? Actually, I’m much prouder now since I read that last book. We’re amazing people; it’s mind-boggling!
Here’s tae us; wha’s like us?
Damn few, and they’re a’ deid.
(a Scottish toast)
Eilidh MacKenzie
Black Rose Editor

Rene Stephens

Rene couldn't be with us tonight, but here's hoping we'll have a surprise visit before the hour is gone.

Please feel free to shoot us over questions and comments. We look forward to hearing from you.


Happy Birthday TWRP from Faery Rose

A world of fantasy where romance includes mystical and mythical creatures of all realms.

Evening everyone, I’m Amanda Barnett—Senior Editor for the Faery Rose line. I love my work, our editors on this line and at TWRP and all of our authors! On this third year anniversary, I just want to say a quick thank you to all of our staff and author family!

Now, let me tell you what I want to see as prospective manuscripts for Faery. I want and if you will take a peek at the new line blurb on the main faery rose page, you will know what I’m talking about. I would love to see characters that leap off the pages, emotional conflict and sensuality that make me laugh and cry and want to just step inside the book.

Now, I would love to introduce you to our editors, I will go in alphabetical order so I don’t show any favoritism…lol. Yeah, they all know I love them. Claudia Fallon, Sarah Hansen, Corrine MacGregor, who has left to go to another line now, Kelly Schaub, Frances Sevilla and Zanoni Rose who is our on and off again editor. We have lost a few to other lines but a big shout out to everyone who helps us here at Faery. That includes you Jamie and your team at Hummingbirds!

I know my illustrious staff have their own ideas of what they want to see, so please take a peek and fire away with your questions.

And always write from the heart!


There are a number of things that appeal to me in any type of story. For paranormal romance or any genre, I like to see humor and sub-plotting—not necessarily related topics, but things that appeal to me. I find stories that take themselves too seriously melodramatic and stuffy. Add some human fallacy and situational or sarcastic humor and I am much more likely to read on. While you’re at it, add some twists and some plot depth. I would rather not know exactly what is going to happen next, but I want to be on my toes the entire ride there. Surprise me, please!

Sarah Hansen

What we look for in Faery can be difficult to describe in such a broad category as “light paranormal.” My contracts are all over the map, so one is not representative of all. If you have a space epic or a ghost story, I’m your gal. Demons/angels/witches—I like those too. Situational humor makes my day. I’m primarily a scifi/fantasy reader. I have been critting/learning/working with romance writers since 2003, so I get the genre and the requirements for a TWRP book. I like smart, snarky heroines and strong heroes who can give as good as they get.

Kelly Schaub

Happy Birthday Wild Rose Press...

Q: What do you enjoy reading, personally?

A: I like emotionally compelling stories, whether they’re fantastic or reality based, and I like them spicy. I’m not saying graphic, necessarily. Although I don’t mind being drawn a picture, sexual tension is key. If I can read about a tortured hero or heroine who’s redeemed and saved by their soul mate, I don’t care if they’re from down the street, another world, or other plane of existence. Add action and a quick pace, and you’ve got me hooked.

Frances Sevilla

What I like to see, is a properly done & well-written manuscript and I agree with what the feely other editors wrote. I'm really pretty easy as far as actual stories go. Interesting characters & plot. A spin on an old idea would be cool.

Claudia Fallon

I like just about anything as long as the plot is compelling and the characters have depth. I'd like to see a new spin on an old idea. Give the characters some human flaws and failings, and get them working hard at overcoming them. Skip the clich├ęs and fictional "trapdoor" escapes of plotting, no deus ex machina please! And you just might win me over if you throw in suspense, mystery and humor in your story too! Make me stay up late to read your submission!

Crimson Rose Birthday Bash

Welcome to the world of mystery and intrigue as we celebrate the third birthday of The Wild Rose Press.
During this Crimson Rose hour, you will need to be on the look-out for exploding cakes, poisoned drinks, extreme terrorists…doesn’t it make your heart pound? The really great part is all of these plots are imagined by the incredible authors we get to spend our days with. If you haven’t had a chance to look through the Crimson page lately, I really have to suggest you do. We cover everything from political conspiracy to military intrigue to witness protection to plain ole murder and so much more.

One of my greatest joys is receiving the new queries from authors to see just how far their imaginations take new plots. So, you ask, what do we look for in suspense? There are, of course, the important aspects all lines look for—a clean manuscript (as in run spell check and delete all “notes to self” before submitting J), well done point of view shifts, etc. Specifically in Crimson, though, we are looking for a fresh plot or an old plot twisted into something new. Keep us guessing as to where the story will end.

The heroes we are looking for are the strong, protective, take charge, caring, gentle, compassionate, passionate, tender, knock-your-socks-off, take-a-bullet-for-you kind of guys. The heroines are…well…us. They need to be able to walk beside the hero and be an equal partner when it comes right down to it. A woman who cries at the drop of the hat doesn’t really work but yet one who does cry and show emotion is equally important. The great part about Crimson though is the villain. This is the line where this character can flourish. The sky is the limit on where this character can go but it does have to be believable. All in all, though, we have seen some wonderful characters be introduced through Crimson Rose and can’t wait to open the new query that comes through.

Currently, we are looking for “Men in Uniform.” We are open for all submissions at this point and would love to see some new authors come through our portals. However, the Men in Uniform is a new submission call featuring all men in uniform. This can be any type of uniform from astronaut to military to dog catcher to fast food cashier to…well, wherever your imagination goes. Have fun and if you submit, just reference this in your cover letter.
Crimson Rose is open for all manuscript lengths and all levels of spice—from the very subtle to the hot. You can send us your manuscript through and if you ever have any questions, you can email me at

In getting back to the birthday party at hand, I want to lift up my congrats, along with all of them that have been going up today, to The Wild Rose Press, Rhonda and RJ. I started just after the initial opening and I have to say it has been a great ride. Thanks, Rhonda and RJ, for finding a blooming place for all of us and for giving the gardeners the tools to flourish. I have been blessed.

I have met a lot of wonderful people and had a great time. The staff here is a great bunch of people and I want to really thank the Crimson Rose staff in particular. Ally, Johanna, Julie, Laura, Mary and Michelle are wonderful editors (keep the manuscripts coming so I can keep them all busy J). Thank you also to the fabulous authors that each of us get to work with every day. What a thrill! In more ways than one!!

Okay, I don’t want to rain too much sentimentality and flood the garden or spread too much manure so I’ll leave it at that. Glad you could join the Crimson Rose party. Remember to check your drink before you settle down for the fun cuz you never know…

Lori Graham
Senior Editor
Crimson Rose

White Rose...where faith is the cornerstone of love three years running.

What can I say about White Rose? As much as I love historical romance (which is why I'm always grateful for my involvement in English Tea rose), my heart belongs to the Lord, and my greatest joy always comes in glorifiying Him in some small way. And, what better way to evangelize in a non-invasive way than to entertain a reader while they see the Christian struggle in a hero and heroine and see those imaginary people FROG (fully rely on God)? This is what White Rose is all about: Quality inspirational romance that celebrates human love and glorfies the God Who made us.

Most of you know that recently it became apparent that there was something we needed to do in order for us to grow White Rose even more than it had over time--we needed to sprout wings and fly to a new publishing house. We did that on March 1, 2009, and since that time, submissions have skyrocketed, and sales have escalated! I couldn't be happier. God is good. White Rose Publishing is still very much a part of the garden--we're just across the hedge and past the gazebo in our own little nook where angels circle all day long directing readers and authors to our new endeavor.

So, wanna know what's new at WRP? We're doing something special for members of our White Rose Readers' group--an exclusive free novella. Coming in the fall of 2009, Once Upon a Collar by Teri Wilson, will be released in weekly installments. You won't want to miss this fun romantic comedy, so join our readers' group (FREE, of course!), and you'll get this and other exclusive free reads.

Whenever Emilie Bonner meets a man, she can’t help but imagine what he would look like on top of a wedding cake. Since she spends most of her waking hours designing wedding cake toppers, it’s somewhat of an occupational hazard.

Somewhere along the way—perhaps after the first two hundred or so—hand-crafted bridegrooms, Emilie begins to doubt she’ll ever find her own happily-ever-after. Then, after a mysterious encounter with a woman who could be an angel, Emilie meets a handsome stranger at the dog park.

At first, it seems as though Matt, with his big dopey dog and irrepressible charm, is the Prince Charming she’s been waiting for.
Not only is he a sweetheart, but he’d look great on top of a wedding cake.

Soon, however, she discovers something about him that changes everything and leaves her wondering…does God believe in fairy tales?

Lunch Break

It's time for our staff to take a break. We'll be back at the top of the hour with White Rose. In the meantime...

I'm Lisa Dawn and I work in the marketing department here at the Wild Rose Press. I feel like giving away some goodies from the TWRP.

I have a booklights and bookthongs.

Inquiring minds want to know...

Do you relate more with the hero or heroine in a romance novel?

Gettings from the Old Lady Saloon! aka Last Rose of Summer

Best wishes to Wild Rose Press on their third birthday from the barkeeps at the Old Lady Saloon: Kathy Cottrell, Aly Ottomeier, and Maggie Johnson. Though we are a small line, we are mighty, and we welcome any and all guests who are interested in trying out a different type of hero and/or heroine.

Ally and Maggie couldn't be with us today; I promised I would speak for all of us when I say we welcome submissions, in particular for our sub-specialty story line--Chapter Two. These are mature [read: over forty] heroes or heroines who, because of events beyond their control, find themselves needing to reinvent themselves. These events, which occur in our society on a daily basis, could happen to anyone at any time. The recent economic slump has lead to--in Western New York state anyway--down-sizing of human resources, industries closing or drastically trimming back; natural or man-made disasters, death, and [heh heh] taxes. Along the journey of "finding themselves" on this second chapter, romance finds them!

No story better illustrates a Chapter Two submission than Kathleen O'Connor's Men of Paradise, a rosebud length story released this past week. With its gorgeous, eye-catching cover dead center on WRP's home page, this is the story of three men who for various reasons come to a gated community in Florida and there find romance. Kathy has created three hunks and three women equal to them. I loved this story from its inception, I know you will too!

So, when you're thinking about creating some real people facing real problems, think about a Chapter Two.
Kathy Cottrell, Senior Editor, Last Rose of Summer

ETea...and no, I'm not talking Extra-terrestial

When I was asked if I would like to join the ETea team, I said, "Would I? Of course!" I love historical romance. There's something lyrical in period writing. Not only are historical time periods romantic (as long as you ignore the realities of poor hygiene and no indoor plumbing :) ), the language takes on a poetic lilt without being poetry. Whether it be the infused Scottish brogue of a Highlander or the proper phrasing of an English lord, the language draws us into a story and keeps us inthralled.

And not only the language...Gentlemen were chivalrous and women were ladies (except for those shrews who make for interesting secondary characters). The code of conduct for the historical periods lend themselves to great conflicts between men and women, and the costumes and decoration--well, just superb as a romantic backdrop.

So, what's your favourite time period? Regency? Elizabethan, Medieval, Middle Ages? As we celebrate TWRP's third year, what would you like to see us add to the ETea line-up?

Celebrating with the English Tea Rose Line

Join us as we cross the pond to hear from the editors who work on our non-American historical line... English Tea Rose.

From editor Diane Parkinson:

English Tea Rose, which actually encompasses other European countries, is a joy to work for with our great Senior Editor, Nicola Martinez. Since I started as an editor for ETR I’ve noticed the submissions we now receive are as skillful as any published by the big New York houses. Here we also give authors a chance to grow and improve their skills. Even our rejections teach and guide. It’s too bad all publishers aren’t as helpful.

I’d love to see more medieval and earlier era stories. But I welcome anything well-written. I appreciate an author who is willing to learn and improve as a writer and understands that head-hopping with point of view (POV) is a distraction to a romance—the next door neighbor (unless the villain) and family dog do not need a POV. I’m also a stickler for historical accuracy.

Keep up the stellar work, ETR.

And from editor Zanoni Rose:

The English Tea Rose line is the one I wanted to work on since historicals have always been my favorite subgenre of romance, especially the Regency or Regency-era historical. I'm a fangirl, first and foremost, before being an editor. I have a collection of books signed by my favorite authors and it thrills me to be able to say I edited the fantastic historicals I've worked on for The Wild Rose Press - meeting my new favorite authors as I work with them!

I enjoy working with my authors to make sure we are as accurate as possible for the time period of their stories - I'm a real stickler for catching anachronisms, especially in things like expressions used in dialogue or names of colors, for example. Did you know that 'mauve' wasn't used as a name for a color until 1859?

I've been so impressed with the caliber of work I see submitted to The Wild Rose Press. I look forward to reading more submissions that really focus on the developing romance, rather than on other plot elements. My advice to aspiring TWRP authors is to keep the romance first and keep on writing and submitting to The Wild Rose Press!

RJ and Cover Artists Hour

Was I crazy to throw the idea of opening a publishing company Rhonda’s way? Maybe a little, but after three years—wow, it amazes me how far we’ve come, and how much we’ve grown. We’ve had good days and bad, but overall it’s been a heck of ride so far, and I can’t even begin to imagine where we’ll be in another year, but I know it’ll be great (and maybe a little crazy).

The production department can be one very busy place, but I’ll be the first to say that the artists do more than their share of the work around here. I’m truly honored to work with such wonderful artists, and appreciate their hard work and beautiful renderings. Each artist brings their own style and ideas to the garden, yet they’ve managed to fit in so perfectly. They continue to surprise me with every new cover.
Thanks ladies, for all your hard work! You rock!

Now let’s make this a kickin’ new year!


Here are a few words from one of our artists…

In March 2007, I made the best decision of my life. I joined The Wild Rose Press. At 35, I finally had the opportunity to combine the things I enjoyed most into an actual JOB--romance and editing/design. Two years, many manuscripts, and hundreds of covers later, I only regret that I don't have more time to dedicate to this amazing conglomeration of family, friends, artists, and writers.

I am a naughty member of the Scarlet Rose group, working as both an editor and designer. My design responsibilities also carry over to the Champagne, Black, and Cactus lines. As a Scarlet lady, my favorite covers pop with sexy bodies. But regardless of the line, covers should always sell the story to the reader--appropriate title (shorter the better) and vivid images that hook the reader (hefty collages just don't work for me).

The best thing an author can do is fill out their ms information sheet completely, provide a couple scenes from the book or images from one of our stock sites, and then trust the design staff to create the best cover to SELL their story. Authors often have a VERY SPECIFIC image in mind when it comes to their cover. But to be honest, the stock image sites just aren't crawling with half-naked auburn haired women with one green and one blue eye, embracing a blond, long-haired vampire dressed all in purple. The design staff WILL create an awesome cover--all authors have to do is trust that we know our job, understand the industry, and have a good feel for your story.
~Angela Anderson

Yellow Rose Corral Hour

With a subject title like that, I almost think Howdy Doody should be hosting LOL. But if you think the Yellow Rose is anything like the old black and white cowboy movies, you are going to be ecstatically surprised to find the hunky men in Stetsons that we’ve corralled into this line. The one thing we have kept is the heart of the cowboy tradition—strong men fighting for what they love—their lands, their families…and their women!

For readers, why not give yourself a birthday gift today and try out one of our books. Like all the lines, we’ve got everything from short to full length, from romantic comedy to heart-clenching action to heart-wrenching emotion. Everything a romance reader loves!

For writers, we’re open for submissions of any length and would love to hear from you. Never hesitate to drop me a note if you have any questions about the Yellow Rose line—I love talking about writing and especially cowboys! My email is always open at

You may just be surprised at what today’s contemporary cowboys have to offer so for this party, I’d love to hear what you think makes a cowboy. Come on, take a roll in the hay for an hour and tell me what you like about these hunky, Stetson wearing heroes.

The Scarlet Ladies Arrive to the celebration....

Scarlet Rose senior editor Diana Carlile couldn't be with us to celebrate today and asked if I'd post the Scarlet celebration blog on her behalf. Take it away, Scarlet Rose!

Hello from the Scarlet Rose editors—Trish Owens, Angela Anderson, Lori LeBonde, and Diana Carlile!

We're excited to celebrate TWRP's third anniversary. We've had a lot of really great titles released from the Wilder Roses this past year and thought we'd talk a little about what we'd like to see more of and what we wouldn't.

Diana: I get really excited when a new query comes in with a m/f/m menage a trois. I would love to see more of them. I am not, however, looking for f/m/f menages at this time. They don't sell that well. Must have something to do with the heroine sharing her man. :) I’m also partial to cowboys. Overall, I'd like to see authors push the edge, go places we haven't been, dig deeper and get dirtier.

Trish: I love to read all different genres of erotic romance, but my favorites are fantasy, science fiction, historicals, and contemporaries with a twist. I like conflict and emotion, and it doesn't need to be contrived or forced! Look to real life for your conflict, and you may find a gem of a story to write. Lastly, pay attention to grammar, typos, missing words, and punctuation problems. I've seen quite a few mistake-riddled manuscripts on my desk lately. Always submit your best.

Angela: I love to see new queries that are well written BDSM. I can't get enough of those STRONG alpha males. It really doesn't matter if it’s contemporary, futuristic, or historical, the stronger the male personality the hotter the story becomes. The Cougar series is a particular favorite...nothing better than a young hot male who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to demand it from an older woman. Mostly, I'd love to see our authors push the limits of their comfort zones—take a different approach to their writing and make it fresh.

Lori: Readers love stories with rich details pulled from how we live our lives today. When I read a story that incorporates text messaging, IMing, iTunes, web videos or online social networking—even TV’s reality shows—I know the author is writing to today’s audiences and her (or his) content will resonate with me and our readers. It’s all about believability. What would happen if the hero, for example, accidentally sends a HOT text message to the wrong woman – who turns out to be the right woman?!? And what about the American Idol-style reality/competition TV shows—what a great setting for a Cougar Club story. Yum, yum!

A little birdie said we needed more erotic historicals and interracial (African American men in particular), so I’m passing the hint along. And as always we are open to submissions in our Destination Pleasure and Cougar Club series.

Keeping the garden naughty,
The Scarlet Rose Editors

Happy Birthday from American Rose

It’s never been a secret that American Rose is one of my “pet” lines. It covers a period in history that fascinates me. I love reading about the brave men who helped build --and preserve --this country and the women who loved them and stood alongside them.

Look for an announcement in July about an upcoming series for American Rose (one that we hope will cross into Vintage Rose, as well) that celebrates American heroes—both male and female.

BTW hop on over to the American/Vintage Rose line blog to find out who the authors selected to participate in our upcoming Christmas anthology are! The link is here on the right hand side of the page.

Happy Birthday, TWRP!

Ideas for American Line Stories

This line is wide open for writers with a love of American history. We can be fairly certain that using the basis for romance writing that boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back can be found in most stories, even the short ones. All stories have goal, motivation, and conflict. So with that being said, all of you could write an American story. Yes, you can for all those screaming at the computer that you can’t. I always receive the same comment, but I don’t know anything about American history. Neither do I, --just kidding, Nicole.  An American Line story does not have to be a story dripping with historical facts to the point an author is doing information dump. An American Line story should have historical “flavor” with accuracy and language. Here are some names to look up to get an idea of a heroine upon whom you could base a story: Belle Boyd, Mary Ludwig Hays (aka Molly Pitcher), Deborah Sampson, Anna Warner Bailey, Sarah Emma Edmonds, Madam Loreta Velazquez, Dr. Mary Walker, Ginnie and Lottie Moon, Emmeline Piggott, Elizabeth Howland, Cathay Williams, Annie Etheridge, Lucy Brewer, Sarah Borginis, and Ellen May Tower. These women played a major part in many of the wars on American soil and constitute only part of the lives women played during their time period. You can also do a Google search for “women’s roles in American History” and find more interesting people. If you have an idea for a story and would like my opinion, you can email me at (I’m sorry, but Sargeant-Major Delicious will not answer your email.) You can also post it on the blog, and I’ll get back to you either through the blog or by private email.

Don't forget to check out the new American and Vintage Rose Line Blog. You can find the link listed along the right hand side.

Happy Birthday from the American Rose Line

Welcome to the American Rose Hour. Oh-h-h! Wait a minute. I have to get this hoop skirt—ouch—rearranged in this chair. There, that’s better. There are some good things to say about hoop skirts; for instance, that large expanse of material hides my large expanse of …. Well, you know, ladies what it can hide. Sargeant-Major Delicious wanted to make an appearance, but I told him he would be too much of a distraction for me to type.
Happy Birthday, WRP!!!
My name is Allison Byers, and I am an editor for the American Line. I’m approaching my two year anniversary here at WRP and have enjoyed every moment, and I must say there has never been a dull moment. I’ve enjoyed working with all my authors.
The American Line covers The French and Indian war; Colonial America; the Revolutionary War; the war of 1812; the War Between the States; the Reconstruction era; the dawn of the new century and anything in between. These are the struggles at the heart of the American Rose story. And who doesn’t like a good romantic struggle every now and then.
The central romantic relationship is the key driving force, set against an historically accurate backdrop. These stories are for those who long for the courageous heroes and heroines who fought for their freedom and settled the new world; for gentle southern belles with spines of steel and the gallant gentlemen who sweep them away.
With all that in mind, I would like to tell you what my ideal submission would be. Let’s skip the routine manuscript format, since most of us have done that when we previously submitted or entered contests. I want to write about everything else. Or in other words: Allison’s Top Six Submission Ideals. (I would have had ten, but The Major interrupted me.)

1. I want a story that draws me in from the very beginning—that magical hook that is mentioned many times, but it’s true. Make me want to turn that page and find out what is going to happen.

2. A hero/heroine whom I care about. If your hero or heroine is in trouble, I want to care what happens. I especially dislike immature heroines, or wishy-washy heroes. Charlie Brown is great as a cartoon character, but not as a hero. I don’t like heroines who swoon-give her some fortitude and attitude.

3. Show me the story, don’t tell. If a character is mad, show me the anger. Did he slam the door, throw something across the room. I want to be able to feel that character’s emotion.

4. POV. For historicals, I prefer having two pov’s – the hero and heroine. In really long stories, I , personally, like reading from the villian’s pov.

5. Give me conflict. The conflict of the story should not be solvable in two pages or be one that can be solved by the two characters sitting down over a cup of coffee and hashing things out.. Each character must grow and change within the story.

6. Finally, have a clean manuscript. Please, proofread for those typos, misspelled words, and commonly misused words, i.e. there and their.

Well, that’s about it for the moment. I’ll be back in a few to give you some ideas for an American Story. Plus, I really need to stand up. I think this hoop is cutting off the circulation to my legs.

What Cactus Editors Want

What I look for in a Cactus Rose submission is originality, characters that remain in my head when I’m doing other things, and writing that shows me the characters and what they are going through. Please make sure you have edited your work taking out passive language, ly words, and then/that. No head hopping. Nothing irritates me more. I like showing over telling in a story. I want deep POV and getting into the characters so I can root for them, be disappointed right along with them, and love the other character as much as they do. Give me a satisfying read and you’ll be a Cactus Rose author.

Patricia Tanner, Senior Editor Cactus Rose

What I would love to see a greater variety of settings that are west of the Mississippi. While I dearly love cowboys and ranches there are so many wonderful settings in addition to these. I'd like to see some doctors, lawyers, preachers, farmers, teachers, loggers, gamblers, judges--etc--as leading men.

Eve Mallary, Editor Cactus Rose

I'm looking for historically accurate stories that boast "to die for" heroes who love their heroines with fierce passion and intensity. I enjoy all heat levels from sweet to hot, as long I feel the underlying emotion. The attraction must be immediate and apparent, and romantic and sexual tension should drip from every page. I love cowboys, but I'd also like to see some pioneering stories. Think Little House on the Prairie, only romance. Native American stories interest me, as well. We see a lot of mail order bride stories. How about a schoolmarm? A soiled dove? A woman homesteading on her own? Whatever the plot, though, if I'm swept away by your characters' passion for each other, I'll be hooked. And please don't headhop; it's my personal pet peeve ;)

Helen Andrew, Editor Cactus Rose

Cactus Rose has Something for Everyone

From outlaws and cowboys and runaways,

To healers, schoolmarms and gun-toting mother-in-laws,

Add some sweet children, crazy neighbors, and peyote chewing, vision-quest seeking Indians

Cactus Rose has something coming soon just for you. I’ve been very fortunate to read these, and am very excited to tell you a little about each of them

Today 5-01, My Heart Will Find Yours by Linda LaRoque was released. This poignant time travel is the story of Texanna Keith who, at the insistence of her elderly neighbor, Pearlina, takes a mystical turquoise locket and boards a train to “travel back in time” so she can prevent the death of Royce Dyson. Texanna is certain Pearlina is senile, until she finds herself in 1880.

Fated lovers suffer the agony of loss only to be reunited to fulfill a greater plan.

TEXANNA KEITH doesn’t believe an antique locket is the key to time travel, but plays along, and to her horror, is zapped back to 1880 Waco, Texas. Her mission is to prevent Royce Dyson’s death in a shootout. Wounded, she loses what she longs for most — a life with Royce. Marshall ROYCE DYSON’S wife disappeared in 1876. Now she’s reappeared, claiming she’s a time traveler from 2005. As he seeks the truth, he’s determined to keep Texanna with him, but it’s not destined to be.

Later this month there will be two McBride stories from Lauri Robinson!

May 13, 2009 Rancher McBride by Lauri Robinson

Blue Spring’s most eligible bachelor is about to go down. Josie Hollister has determined she’s willing to give up her dream of being a rancher and settle for being a rancher’s wife. She throws away her britches for petticoats and corsets, but the act causes Calvin McBride to run for the hills. Calvin McBride wants Josie in his bed every night, but the woman has gone loco. All that lace and those floppy hats will set his Texas longhorns into a stampede! Can his brother convince him it’s not the clothes that makes the woman?

May 20, 2009 Doctor McBride by Lauri Robinson

Another McBride is about to go down. Emma Binns knows what she wants, Doctor Jake McBride, and has decided it’s time for drastic measures to get him to the altar. However, there’s another woman, Abigail Christenson, who’s just as determined to become Mrs. McBride. Jake McBride’s trouble started six years ago—after a night which included too many cups of spiked punch, when he’d kissed the daylights out of Emma Binns. Her father and six brothers witnessed the act, and swore him off Emma—forever. Can Jake take on the brood of men to claim the woman who haunts his dreams? Or will he die trying?

May 29, 2009 Fire Eyes by Cheryl Pierson

Isn’t this cover gorgeous? The story is captivating too. Don’t miss this story of an iron-willed widow living alone with her daughter on the frontier. She takes care of all those around her and is called Fire Eyes by the local band of Choctaw Indians. But when the Choctaw’s dump Kaed Turner on her doorstep, is he just one more burden or will he be something much more?

Beaten and wounded by a band of sadistic renegades that rules the borderlands of Indian Territory, U.S. Marshal Kaed Turner understands what the inevitable outcome will be for him: death. But Fate and a war party of Choctaw Indians intervene, delivering him instead to a beautiful angel with the skill to heal him. Jessica Monroe has already lost a husband and a brother to the outlaws who tortured Marshal Turner. As the rugged lawman lies bleeding on her bed, she faces a difficult decision. Can she afford to gamble with her heart one last time? For when Kaed recovers, he is sworn to join the other Territorial Peace Officers in their battle to wipe out the renegade gang once and for all. When vengeance is done, will Kaed keep riding? Or will he return to claim his future with the beautiful woman the Choctaw call "Fire Eyes?"

June 5, 2009 Lawmen and Outlaws Anthology

Last year Cactus Rose held a contest. Here are the four stories that won.

  • Sheriff McBride is the third McBride Brother this Summer! Jake and Calvin found their brides, now it’s time for brother Adam.
  • Sheriff Quinn Riley is bound by the law…will he lose all for duty?
  • McKenna Smith wants a pardon and revenge, will Audra Tadlock help him achieve his goals, or will she be his undoing?
  • Naomi never expects her life to take the turn it does when bounty hunter and outlaw, Bobby Morgan kidnaps her. Her captor isn’t the man he’s reputed to be, but he’s certainly not a man that would be suitable for Naomi, however her heart says otherwise.

All of these are superbly written, wonderful, vibrant stories.

This anthology combines the impressive talents of Loretta C. Rogers, Lauri Robinson, Helen Hardt, and Linda Caroll-Bradd

Two lawmen are tested when they lose their hearts--

When runaway Hannah Stewart comes into his life Sheriff Adam McBride is torn between the law and love.

Sheriff Quinn Riley must find the swindler who stole from his town and his family--even if it means losing the woman he loves, Ciara Morrissey.

And two outlaws looking for redemption have their hearts stolen--

McKenna Smith wants a pardon, and he'll do anything to get it- until he falls in love with the one person who can make it happen- AudraTadlock.

Bounty Hunter Bobby Morgan is innocent, but proving it won't be easy especially when he falls for the beautiful preacher's daughter he's kidnapped.

June 5, 2009 Marrying Minda by Tanya Hanson

Mail-order bride Minda Becker arrives in Paradise, Nebraska and eagerly marries the

handsome man who meets her stagecoach. His wedding kiss melts her toes. Too bad he's the wrong bridegroom. Having honored his brother's deathbed request to marry Minda, Cowboy Brixton Haynes can't deny he'd like a wedding night with the eastern beauty. But the last thing he needs is to be saddled with a wife and the three children his brother left behind. First chance he gets, he'll be back point-riding along the Goodnight. But leaving Minda proves to be harder than he expected.

Marrying Minda is a story I couldn’t put down. This is a touching romance. Minda is such a sweet heroine and Brixton is a great match. The romance between them sizzles.

June 12, 2009 Miner In Petticoats by Paty Jager

In another installment in her “Petticoats” series, this one is not to be missed. Paty Jager introduces us to a lonely widow, who only hopes to someday return to her homeland of Ireland, she’s been widowed twice. Once marriage was for love, the second for necessity. She isn’t interested in another husband, but Ethan Halsey makes her rethink that decision…

Shouldering the burdens of his family and the mining community, Ethan Halsey devotes himself to providing for his brothers’s growing families. However, Aileen Miller, a widow, also looking out for her family’s interests, refuses to part with the land he needs. As they battle- one to push his dream to reality and the other to prove no man will hurt her again- their lives become enmeshed and their hearts collide.

July 8, 2009 Roan's Redemption by BK Reeves

Trapped in a loveless marriage Roan was tempted by sweet Addie McKenna, the adopted daughter of his old army commander. After his wife’s death, Roan comes to bid goodbye to the old man and finds Addie is alone. This is a sweet tale of true romance. This is BK Reeves’ first story with The Wild Rose Press, and the next stop on the Orphan Train is already in the works.

Oklahoma Territory 1892 Addie McKenna finished digging the grave at sundown. She had to get Mattie in the ground tonight; tomorrow would be another scorcher. The dog barked as Addie climbed from the grave. A stranger driving a buckboard loomed from the shadows. As he came closer, Addie's breath caught. Roan McLeod! She kept her face blank. He was a married man. Roan McLeod looked at Addie McKenna, alone beside the open grave. Four months since he'd seen her. His nights had been haunted by this red-haired girl, haunted by forbidden images of them together as he opened his mouth on Addie's and removed her clothes. Those were shameful thoughts for a man who had buried his wife and daughter only ten days ago. Roan's Redemption is the first romance in a series called "The Orphan Train Legacy."

September 11, 2009 The Golden Lady by Roberta C.M. DeCaprio

She’s in love with her enemy… After her father is killed by hostile Indians, Amanda is all alone. Determined to make it on her own she sticks it out on the home stead. Reverend Joshua Holmes loves her, and offers to maker her his wife, but Amanda falls in love with Proud Eagle, a man who should be her enemy.

Loving someone is hard...especially if they're supposed to be your enemy!

Willow Creek, Arizona saw its share of Indian attacks. Amanda Gregory witnessed the sorrow first hand with her father's murder. Refusing Reverend Joshua Holmes' proposal, Amanda decides to stay on her farm and run it alone. When she saves Proud Eagle, a wounded Apache warrior, he wins her heart, calling her his golden lady, and Amanda's hatred of Indians begins to change. The night the Chiricahuas attack Amanda's farm, Proud Eagle helps her to escape, taking her back to his tribe to become his wife. But their love is forbidden, and Amanda finds herself fighting the biggest battle of her life . . . the right to love her enemy.

Between The Rifle and the Spear Book One

September 16, 2009

Snakes and Jails and Puppy Dog Tails by Mallary Mitchell

Snakes and Jails and Puppy Dog Tails is a sweet story about love, miracles and second chances…

Spinster Arabella Trask loves only one man, but he betrayed her.

Levi Wallace left her for another and married the woman who carried his child. Now a widower, Levi is injured and desperately needs Arabella's help. Can she risk her heart again?

As he lays dying from a snake bite... Levi's one regret is losing Bella. He never had the chance to tell her the child wasn't his. He married to save his brother's sorry hide and give the child a name. He longs to have Bella in his life again--will it take divine intervention to get her back?

October 2, 2009 Samantha's Sacrifice by Sandi Hampton

Samantha is another heroine who gives so much to others. She is strong, loving and will do anything for her family…Blake isn’t a man who wants a family, at least he didn’t think he was.

To uphold her family’s honor, Samantha Adams agrees to take her sister’s place and marry wealthy rancher Blake McCarthy. But when he claims no knowledge of the wedding contract, she finds herself in desperate straits to support herself and her adopted daughter.

Having lost his wife and son during the war, the last thing Blake wants is another wife. When beautiful Samantha Adams shows up at his ranch on the pretext of honoring a marriage contract, he believes she is only after someone to take care of her and her daughter. And he is determined it’s not going to be him.

Neither Samantha nor Blake are prepared for the attraction they feel. They both intend to fight it to the bitter end. But when passion sparks into flame, can Blake’s passionate kisses and sweet caresses make Samantha forget his accusations and mistrust, and can Blake’s desire for Samantha overcome his suspicions?

November 6. 2009 Badland Bride by Lauri Robinson

This is one that made me laugh, cry then laugh some more. Skeeter is adorable. He is just a hero’s hero. His mother is hilarious and Lila is a young woman who learns what ‘family’ really means. This is a wonderful story of time travel, cowboys and a very interesting Indian, named Buffalo Killer—any plans for Buffalo Killer’s story?

Ma Quinter is at it again—using the double barrels of her shotgun to force some unsuspecting female to marry one of her boys.

This time it's Skeeter and the young, pregnant girl he hauled home. Escaping from her abuser, Lila Scott, crawls through a tunnel, and ends up in 1882. Even though her rescuer is the most wonderful man she's ever met, she must hold true to her mission of returning to the future where she can have her baby with modern medical care. With the help of some rotgut whiskey and a few peyote buttons, Steven Quinter, aka Skeeter, participated in Buffalo Killer's ghost dance. When he wakes up there’s an adorable redhead staring down at him. Not knowing what else to do, he takes the girl home to his mother, but when Ma Quinter realizes the young girl is pregnant, another shotgun wedding takes place.

November 20, 2009 Misty Dreams by Charlotte Parker

This is another one with a paranormal twist…Can a man from the past be her future?

Dreamer, Elita La Rue, has always romanticized the stories in her great-great-grandmother’s journal and memorized the photographs of two gunfighters--Wild Bill Hickok and Seth Lucan. If only she could turn back the hands of time to 1876! Playing dress up in her father's theme town, Duke's Wild West, is as good as it gets until a handsome gunfighter appears out of nowhere claiming to be Seth Lucan. Elita is willing to believe his outlandish story in hopes he'll make all her fantasies come true.

Seth Lucan is tired. Tired of being mistaken for his outlaw brother, and tired of dodging bullets. When he arrives in Deadwood, his hopes of making enough money to start over are shattered when he discovers the town has not only become a cesspool of thieves and murderers, but the Lucan name and troubles have followed him. Now he’s faced with a new barrage of bullets, a high-strung lady with a wild imagination, and no way out.

A strange mist emanating from the old blacksmith’s shop may answer both their prayers. Will love be enough to save them from the consequences?

And just in time for the holidays…Miracles and Angels

December 2, 2009 A Night for Miracles by Cheryl Pierson

Cheryl Pierson, author of Fire Eyes, brings us the heartwarming story of Angela Bentley.

When widow Angela Bentley takes in injured ex-gunhawk Nick Dalton and three orphans on Christmas Eve, she is determined only to lend a hand where needed. But when the children drag in a small, scraggly Christmas tree, Angela finds herself wanting to create a memorable holiday for them. Can these visitors become the family she longs for? For those who believe in miracles, anything is possible--even true love, in the most unlikely circumstances.

December 9, 2009 An Ordinary Angel by Kathy Otten

He’s just a wounded outlaw, but could this ordinary man be something extraordinary…

A lifetime of polite indifference is all Julianne Spencer sees when she envisions a future with her current suitor, Mr. Terrel Lee Parker. She is looking for someone more passionate, more heroic, who can love her for who she really is, and not the proper young lady she pretends to be. Her future seems hopeless until Christmas Eve, when fate drops a wounded outlaw at her door and she comes to realize true heroes can be found inside even ordinary men.