Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy and Romantic Hauntings

Hello All!

I want to add my Happy Halloween Hauntings to Callie's. This time of year, is as Callie pointed out, a favorite for those of us who dwell in the dark side of the garden.

Of course we are lucky enough to dwell with the darker creatures all year long! But there is nothing like this time of year to bring out the sexy vamps, weres, shifters and other creatures of the night. Wouldn't it be great to trick or treat (or as my children said when they were young "spooooky night") and bring home a truly luscious and hunky treat like those found in the Black Rose line?

Growing up in Southern California we had many spooky haunts but one of the favorites as a teenager was one certain fire road leading up to the mountains. It was of course created for firefighters to have easy and direct access in case of fires but over time it took on a life of its own.

There were several stories as to different spooky occurances, missing persons, ghostly sightings, sinister cults, etc., that supposedly happened along this dark and lonely streatch of road. The one that was told and retold the most was of the ghostly woodsman and his crew who haunted the top portion. We would dare ourselves to drive the road slowly, always intent on making it to the top but scaring ourselves silly long before reaching our goal. I've never been sure if the things we saw were the results of over active imaginations or if there truly was truth to some of the tales.

This year I hope to have the opportunity to experience a true ghost hunt (in the style of Ghost Hunters).

I hope that you will join us in the darker side of the garden during our Halloween celebrations. We welcome one and all.

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Callie Lynn said...

Oh, Lill, that road sounds awesome and quite like the darkened roads that weave through the NJ Pine Barrens. Don't you just love tackling the unknown? Tempting fate so to speak?

Oh and I have to tell you, I am with you on the trick or treating our way home with some hot hunky shifter or vamp! I'm with you all the way, my dear:) Just tell me where to hook up with you and we'll troll...

Happy Spooooooky night:)