Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Champagne Editors Tell All : Renee Lynn

Casually walking around the Garden, pretending to enjoy the roses, I pounced upon Editor Renee Lynn and threatened her with dire bodily harm (just kidding! No, I didn't!) unless she caved to the inevitable and granted an interview. She graciously agreed. :)

TWRP: Where is the best view in your city?

RL: At the top of a nearby mountain. You can see everything for miles. And when the sun is setting, it’s amazing.

TWRP: How often do you change your screen saver?

RL: Never. Seriously. I don’t have anything but the normal Windows screen saver. How lame is that? Oh Lord, now everyone will know how truly boring I am!

TWRP: What makes you feel patriotic?

RL: This is a great question. And, with the change in administration just recently behind us, I guess I would say this past inauguration. No matter which side of the fence you are on, it was a day to be proud. Proud for our voting system. Proud for how far we’ve come. And proud that we have a peaceful changeover in this country, where many places do not.

TWRP: Beignets or biscuits?

RL: Well, now, I am gluten-free, so I really can’t have either (unless I seriously alter the recipe J, but since my hubby is from Louisiana, I would have to go with beignets. In fact, right about now, they sound great!

TWRP: Why do think cats stare at us so enigmatically?

RL: You know, I am really more of a dog person, so I would have to say they are staring at us to think of a way to annoy us. Mischievous little creatures, they are!

TWRP: Who makes you laugh the hardest?

RL: My sixteen-month-old son. He will do something so silly or make a funny face, and I crack up.

TWRP: When do you wear sequins?

RL: Hmm, unless it’s a wedding, probably never. I am more of a subtle shimmering metallic or classic black kind of girl.

TWRP: Tell the readers the book in the Champagne line that best epitomizes a romantic incident in your own life.

RL: I guess I would say Cornflower Blue by Kathy Pratt. The heroine in this book moves from a small town in Iowa to a big city in California. Though I didn’t share this journey, I did move from a small-ish town in Upstate New York to Dallas, Texas--alone and totally on my own. There I met my husband ,and we have been together for nearly twelve years now. Also, Misty’s (the heroine from Cornflower Blue) father passes away, and she needs to go home for the funeral, bringing out some complex emotions in her. I, too, lost my dad a couple of years ago to a devastating bout of leukemia. And making a journey home to face the loss of someone who meant so much to you is agonizing. So, I can relate to her there are well.

To purchase CORNFLOWER BLUE by Kathy Pratt click on the title.

In CORNFLOWER BLUE, Iowa native Misty Dawn James receives a crash course in the ethnic and cultural diversity of Orange County, California. Misty relocates from a farm in Iowa to Fullerton, California to go to college. Before she can get started in school, she finds herself learning to dance the Merengue, submitting to a makeover orchestrated by her new best friend Joaquin Vasquez along with her Aunt Marigold, and falling for handsome law student, Esteban Torres. Misty’s journey from Iowa farm girl to California girl is at times a bumpy road. The people she meets in California are much more challenging than those she’s left at home. Her Aunt Marigold is an aging flower child and founder of the ‘Red HOT Club’ for single women over forty. Her friend Jackie’s flamboyant personality and appearance frequently get them into embarrassing and sometimes sticky situations. Esteban introduces her to Latino culture in California, and Misty is soon won over by the loving and lively atmosphere that surrounds all of the family gatherings he takes her to. She is forced to make an extremely difficult decision about her future when her father dies and she returns to Iowa for his funeral.

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Cari Quinn said...

Great interview, Renee and Jamie! Cornflower Blue sounds fabulous.

Oh, and "small-ish" town sounds just about right, Renee. ;)

Mary Ricksen said...

No Beignets no biscuits, you poor thing. I guess you have a wheat allergy?
Well at least you have an adorable, funny and cute baby to make up for it. Thanks for the interview, very sweet!

Eliza Knight said...

Wonderful interview Renee!

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. My dad has lymphoma, althought right now its in remission. They are giving him 3-6 years.