Sunday, January 4, 2009

Champagne Editors Tell All: Cindy Davis

Since January is Champagne Rose Month, I've kidnap…er,..sweetly talked the Champagne Editors into an interview. Several of them have already been interviewed about editing and writing in Our Garden at But what goes on after the editor puts the red computer cursor away and leaves her desk? What do they do after hours? Here, for your reading pleasure, are the answers to some burning questions…

TWRP: Were you looking for your hero when you found him?
Cindy Davis: No, he was looking for me. I was swept away. It was a second relationship for both of us. He fell in love at first sight and was so tuned in to me that he finished sentences for me. (That got old, for me, fast!)
TWRP: Who tells the best jokes in your family?
CD: Trust me, there are no joke tellers in our family!
TWRP: If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?
CD: Someplace warm--the Bahamas sounds nice. I live in New Hampshire where this autumn was snowy and cold. Contrary to popular belief, in our part of the state we rarely have a white Christmas. Did this year though. Ick. The husband said, "We will not be here next winter." Hmm. Probably not the Bahamas though--can't easily get the motorhome there.
TWRP: Cookies or cake?
CD: Cake, if I have to make a choice. But if I eat sweets, my love is butterscotch blondies made by a company called the Bellows House Bakery.
TWRP: Why do you think people star-gaze?
CD: Because they have no lives.
TWRP: How old where you when you discovered your favorite book?
CD: About fifteen. I read Gone with the Wind. I've read it three times since and always find something new to enjoy.
TWRP: What scent do you like best?
CD: I like balsam in winter, baking bread in fall, rainy mornings in summer, lilacs in spring. (Can you tell I'm not a perfume wearer?)
TWRP: Tell the readers the book in the Champagne line that best epitomizes a romantic incident in your own life.
CD: A hard question, probably because my life hasn't been a barrel of romantic adventures. How about ROMANCE BY THE BOOK by Tina Gallagher?
After a disastrous marriage, real estate agent Maureen O'Connell is content reading about love, passion, and her ideal man in a romance novel. How will Finn Ryan convince her he's better than any character in a book?
CD: The reason this so closely mimics my life is that after a disastrous first marriage, I too lost myself, not in romance novels like the main character, but anything that kept me from thinking. As with Romance by the Book's character, my real-love came most unexpectedly.

Click to buy ROMANCE BY THE BOOK by Tina Gallagher

And DOG NANNY, too. (DOG NANNY isn't available just yet).
Doggy do-gooder Julie Shields has one month to save two delinquent poodles from becoming doggies of divorce. A self-proclaimed born-again virgin with a biological clock running out of juice, she also needs to find a husband. When hunky pilot Nick Worthington arrives at the Abilene airport to fly her to Waco, he sends Julie into a tailspin. But he also may be a drug trafficker and smuggler of illegal aliens. Not only that, he’s involved with another woman. Julie's quest for a suitable husband leads to several misfires. Only Nick leaves her panting for more. Will she have to put a choke chain on him before the month is out?
CD: I think it's funny and romantic, with lots of ups and downs--and a hunk of a hero!
Thank you Cindy, for allowing us a peek into your life! Stay tuned for more exciting questions answered by the Champagne Editors!


Rebecca J. Clark said...

Thanks for posting. It's great to be able to get to know editors in the line I write for.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for your kind remarks about DOG NANNY, due for release June 12. I'm honored you mentioned it out of the many you've edited. I've created a trailer at for anyone interested in taking a peek.

Ann Whitaker
Love with a Texas twang

Brenda J Weaver said...

Hey Cindy!
Long time no talk to! Glad you are up and still kicking! Maybe one day soon you will be my editor :)
Take care,

Bunch of Stuff said...

You have a RV, so do I.
I live in mine full-time with a husband and 2 cats.