Monday, January 12, 2009

Champagne Editors Tell All: Julia Thornhill

In the ongoing saga of worming the deepest, darkest secrets out of our Champagne Editors we caught up with Julia Thornhill and grilled her relentlessly. For your eyes only, darlings...

TWRP: Who does the dishes at your house?

JT: Depends on who gets sickest of moving them out of the way to make coffee :-) Actually, I do the majority of the dishes, but if I've been snowed under with work, my DH is always glad to pitch in. He has to be asked, though...he's not good about seeing the dishes pile up... lol.

TWRP: What is your favorite flower?

JT: A rose, of course :-) Actually, the peace rose is my very favorite of all the roses. My grandmother had a rose garden while I was growing up and I've continued the tradition in my own yard.

TWRP: When it rains, do you curl up with a good book?

JT: Of course...and even sometimes when it's not raining (hence the piled up dishes).

TWRP: Croissants or donuts?

JT: Depends... what kind of donuts??? :-)

TWRP: Why do you think people bungee jump?

JT: Uh,.... they don't have enough excitement in their lives? A death wish? I don't trust elastic....

TWRP: Where is your favorite restaurant?

JT: In Apalachicola, Florida....they make the BEST oyster po'boys..mmmm.. makes me salivate to think of it.

TWRP: How often do you play in the snow?

JT: Well, since I live in south Georgia I would have to say the answer to that is...not very often :-) And, since I'm basically a very cold-natured person (until recently...what's up with those hot flashes???), it works well being down south.

TWRP: Tell the readers the book in the Champagne line that best epitomizes a romantic incident in your own life.

JT: I've obviously led a more boring life than the champagne heroines I've read. The one thing I have in common with them, though, is that I've found my own "happy ever after" with the man of my dreams.

Thank you, Julia for giving us that little glimpse of your daily life! Stay tuned for future Champagne Editors spilling the beans!


CJ Parker said...

Hey! I've bungee jumped before. Why? Because it was there to do, I guess. And I'm always looking for ways to have something new to write into a novel. How would I know how to describe the feeling, if I'd not done it myself?

Mary Ricksen said...

Roses yes, bungee jumping, not on your life! I could see me now, having a heart attack on the way down.
But nothing beats the smell of a rose, (lilac and hyacinth next)