Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Champagne Editors Tell All: Eilidh MacKenzie

As I continue to skulk...er...walk around the Garden pouncing on Champagne Editors to pry their secrets out, I came upon Eilidh MacKenzie. (Her first name is the Gaelic form of Ellie or Helen and is pronounced Ay-Lee). The unsuspecting editor answered all my questions with a smile!

TWRP: When do you sing?

EM: Whenever I can. When there's bluegrass, Gaelic singing, or classical choral music on the CD player. If there's a community choral group handy, I'm in there.

TWRP: Why do dogs have so much fun?

EM: Because they live in the moment. I asked my dog, Rupert, and he said, "Who cares?!! Gotta go sniff that tree, dig that hole, jump in that stream!! Pant, pant!"

TWRP: Where is your favorite hideaway?

EM: Port George, Nova Scotia, on the shore of the Bay of Fundy. The family cabin is surrounded with woods, with deer and fawns crossing the grass to the apple tree, rabbits nibbling the clover, squirrels living in the outhouse. It's Rupert Heaven, of course.

TWRP: Eggnog or Chai?

EM: Ooh, homemade eggnog (in The Garden Gourmet, WRP's free cookbook) with lots of rum and brandy. But stay far away from that store bought stuff.

TWRP: How do you like your waffles?

EM: Wrapped around homemade ice cream with fresh fruit.

TWRP: Who makes you happy?

EM: My husband, Britt, is top of my list of blessings. A gentle giant, who gives unlimited hugs and kisses and washes dishes! After him, just about anything furry with four legs.

TWRP: What is your favorite holiday?

EM: Any excuse to cook makes a great holiday for me. Next up, rugalach: cream cheese pastry wrapped around marzipan, apricot jam, and almonds.

TWRP: Tell the readers the book in the Champagne line that best epitomizes a romantic incident in your own life.

EM: Hmm, I started looking for a story about best friends falling in love, but on the way I found "Dibs," which reminded me of my hunky husband. This is a PG rated interview, I think, so I'll just say he's dedicated to helping me with my big "O."

Everyone knows there are three things you don't take away from a woman. Her chocolate, her wine or her ability to have an orgasm. When fantasy coordinator Lacey Valentine finds herself in the unfortunate situation of not being able to reach the big O, she sets out on a mission to get it back. Hunky musician Covey James has just inherited millions of dollars. His wish is to live the life of a playboy. His grandmother's wish is to see him and his two brothers settled down while she's still living. His grandmother has a way of getting her way and he ends up on the hunt for Mrs. James. When he makes a pit stop to help a damsel in need of an orgasm, his plans go astray.

Come back next week when we find more Champagne editors and learn about the things that go on behind the editor's desk!


Helen Hardt said...

The Gaelic form of Helen? I had no idea ;). And Eilidh is so much prettier.

Fun interview, ladies!

Anne Carrole said...

Enjoyed the blog ladies!

Cari Quinn said...

Great interview! And I really want to read Dibbs! :)

Mary Ricksen said...

Sounds like a great story.