Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Champagne Editors Tell All : Mary Belk

So, once again I wandered around the garden scouting for editors to pester and give up their deepest, darkest secrets. Editor Mary Belk ran slower than the rest and I caught up with her easily. Forced to answer my questions, she caved in and told all.

TWRP: What kind of purse do you carry?

MB: Purse... as small as possible.

TWRP: When do you feel like wearing satin?

No, satin. I like silk better. Something bright. No pastels.

TWRP: Why do you think karaoke is so fun?

MB: Singing is fun, anytime, anywhere.

TWRP: Fudge or candy bar?

MB: What do you mean "or"? Fudge and candy bar and a Coca Cola.

TWRP: Where is your favorite star in the sky?

MB: I like the North star. It has a good rep for bringing people home.

TWRP: How often do you get away from it all?

MB: I'm looking for a way to get into it all at the moment. I'm recovering from an illness and complications and feel like I have been away from it all too long. I like to play the piano when I'm stressed. Of course, reading.

TWRP: Who do you take to the park?

MB: Park? What park? I used to take myself to Mammoth Cave National Park. That was a getaway when I needed to get away from it all. To stand in one of the parking lookouts... that is peace.

TWRP: Tell the readers the book in the Champagne line that best epitomizes a romantic incident in your own life.

MB: Romantic incident? Well, I don't remember romantic incidents. At least, none of my line up with a book. Maybe I better write one. It would be something like Cowboy Santa. He was a cowboy from Colorado and looked like Santa. More in my age range. We were both professors at a university and met in a writer's club. He didn't seem too interested until I was on Donahue, and he discovered my naughty writing.

Let us all write emails to Mary to get Cowboy Santa written! It sounds like just the story our readers love! Tune in tomorrow as I trap more editors into complying with my secret interrogations!


Skhye said...

Mary! Nice hook. Now tell all about the naughty writing!

Mary Ricksen said...

Mary, it's a grand ole name. My favorite. The North Star, I'm partial to the Northern Lights myself.