Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Birthday from the Cactus Rose Line!!

Hello and Happy birthday Wild Rose Press! I’m Patricia Tanner, Senior Editor with the Cactus Rose Line (historical western). I’ve been an editor with the Cactus line since the doors opened three years ago. We had some great stories and authors to work with from the start. With Karyna DaRosa and her book Dry Moon, Devon Matthews and Angel in the Rain, and Paty Jager’s Marshal in Petticoats. Now we have a growing line up of books from returning authors- Lauri Robinson, Kathy Otten, Linda Carroll-Bradd, Celia Yeary, Loretta Rogers, as well as exciting reads from Anna Kathryn Lanier, Sandi Hampton, Linda LaRoque, Sheridon Smythe, Helen Hardt, Leanne Karella, Donna Dalton, Stacy Dawn, and Emma Sanders.

Our list is growing with outstanding western romances from sweet to hot and spicy. Short or long. We have a western for any lover of the old west with spunky heroines and hunky heroes.

June is cowboy month at The Wild Rose Press. During the month there will be free reads you can download from Cactus authors. We also will have available our first anthology- Lawmen and Outlaws with novellas by- Lauri Robinson, Loretta Rogers, Linda Carroll-Bradd, and Helen Hardt. The stories in this anthology are a good mix of what you can find in the line from all our authors- Sweet to hot.

We have three editors in this line, and by working closely, we strive to put out quality books. Later in this hour you will hear from Helen Andrew about our exciting Earth Songs series and Eve Mallary will post about what is coming from us the rest of the year. And before we leave we’ll also give you some insight into what each of us looks for in a submission.


NicDarienzo said...

Just wanted to pop in and say thanks to the wonderful Cactus Rose staff! You ladies do a wonderful job and I'm fortunate to have you on my team!

Hywela Lyn said...

Hi Patricia

I absolutely love Historical American romances - I plan to write one of my own before too long, although I'm currently a Faery Rose author and don't plan to desert that line - but one can be bigamous in the writing world without any hard feelings LOL!

Amber Leigh Williams said...

I had no idea about the Cactus Rose anthology! I definitely have to get a copy. I've adored historical westerns since Nora Roberts' Lawless!!!

Helen said...

Good morning historical western editors, authors, and readers, and Happy Birthday to TWRP!

Cactus Editor

Lynda Lukow said...

Is there anything sexier than a cowboy? Best of luck, Cactus Rose staff!


Tanya Hanson said...

It is so fantastic being a part of Cactus Rose. Thanks to my amazing editor Helen and to Nicola Martinez for the to-die-for cover.

Happy birthday, TWRP. Here's to many more successful years for TWRP.

Best wishes,

danie88 said...

June is Cowboy Month? :) I heart cowboys :D

Lauri said...

Hello All!

What a wonderful way to celebrate TWRP 3rd B-day. The editors here are so amazing! I know from experience, with four Cactus stories out, and four more to be released in 2009, I couldn't be happier! A better bunch of editors can't be found...anywhere!

Cheers, ladies!

Patricia Tanner said...

Thanks, Nic!

We'd love to see a western from you.

Hi Amber,
The anthology is terrific and I'm not biased! ;)

Hey Helen!

Thanks for stopping by Lynda!

Patricia Tanner said...

Hi Lauri!

Glad you stopped by. If you're looking for a fun western read- this is your author!

Shannon Robinson said...

Good morning Cactus Rose and Happy B-day TWRP!
I'm a new author to the Cactus Rose line and TWRP and it has been a wonderful experience! I was absolutely amazed with my cover for Lover's Bargain - a huge thank you to Nicola Martinez for the design! And my editor - Helen Andrews - has been so wonderful and such a huge help in making my story shine. Thank you Helen!

Helen said...

Tanya, you're a sweetie -- thanks for coming by! Everyone, be sure to check out Tanya's Marrying Minda on June 5. It's a wonderful, heart-warming read!

Cactus Editor

Lauri said...

Thanks, Paty!

I have to head into the cities to meet with a book club by nine, and then I'm off the central MN for a book signing at a Ladies Night Out event, but wanted to stop in to give my b-day wishes!

Tanya Hanson said...

Helen, you area very kind. I couldn't have done it without you. I confess to being a tad nervous about now LOL.

Back in a sec...need coffee.


Helen said...

Shannon, it's so nice to see you! Working on Lover's Bargain has been a pleasure. I'm thrilled to have you in Cactus Rose!


Patricia Tanner said...

Tanya and Shannon, we are pleased to have added you to our authors!

Me :) said...

Hey cactus ladies. I am glad june is cowboy month, but I think every month should be cowboy month :)

Tanya Hanson said...

Hi Ann,
I'm with you there! Give me a cowboy over a CEO any time!

Roberta C.M. DeCaprio said...

Patricia Tanner is one of the best editors around and it has been a priviledge and an honor working with her on my September, 2009 release, THE GOLDEN LADY. For twenty-five years I worked at getting that novel in print, and it took the heart and mind of a excellent editor like Particia to see its potential and help to turn it into a five star read.
Thanks Patricia and The Wild Rose Press....Happy Third Birthday and many more to come.
WRP Author: Roberta C.M. DeCaprio

Patricia Tanner said...

Ann, I agree every month should be cowboy month!

Roberta, thanks you're making me blush. You had a great story, it just needed tinkering. If anyone is looking for a good Native American read, Roberta's Golden Lady is the book for you.

Silver James said...

Time. I need more time! So many stories! (to read AND write!) *sigh*

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Happy Birthday, TWRP! I have been very pleased to be an author with this publisher and have loved every minute of it! I just wish I had more hours in the day to churn out more books for them!

Lifting my cyber wine glass to toast a great publisher and to wish them many more years of sucess with lots more books (including my own)!

Anna Kathryn

Anonymous said...

Wow, I left some comments, but they all seem to have disappeared! I don't know how that happened.