Friday, May 1, 2009

Cactus Rose has Something for Everyone

From outlaws and cowboys and runaways,

To healers, schoolmarms and gun-toting mother-in-laws,

Add some sweet children, crazy neighbors, and peyote chewing, vision-quest seeking Indians

Cactus Rose has something coming soon just for you. I’ve been very fortunate to read these, and am very excited to tell you a little about each of them

Today 5-01, My Heart Will Find Yours by Linda LaRoque was released. This poignant time travel is the story of Texanna Keith who, at the insistence of her elderly neighbor, Pearlina, takes a mystical turquoise locket and boards a train to “travel back in time” so she can prevent the death of Royce Dyson. Texanna is certain Pearlina is senile, until she finds herself in 1880.

Fated lovers suffer the agony of loss only to be reunited to fulfill a greater plan.

TEXANNA KEITH doesn’t believe an antique locket is the key to time travel, but plays along, and to her horror, is zapped back to 1880 Waco, Texas. Her mission is to prevent Royce Dyson’s death in a shootout. Wounded, she loses what she longs for most — a life with Royce. Marshall ROYCE DYSON’S wife disappeared in 1876. Now she’s reappeared, claiming she’s a time traveler from 2005. As he seeks the truth, he’s determined to keep Texanna with him, but it’s not destined to be.

Later this month there will be two McBride stories from Lauri Robinson!

May 13, 2009 Rancher McBride by Lauri Robinson

Blue Spring’s most eligible bachelor is about to go down. Josie Hollister has determined she’s willing to give up her dream of being a rancher and settle for being a rancher’s wife. She throws away her britches for petticoats and corsets, but the act causes Calvin McBride to run for the hills. Calvin McBride wants Josie in his bed every night, but the woman has gone loco. All that lace and those floppy hats will set his Texas longhorns into a stampede! Can his brother convince him it’s not the clothes that makes the woman?

May 20, 2009 Doctor McBride by Lauri Robinson

Another McBride is about to go down. Emma Binns knows what she wants, Doctor Jake McBride, and has decided it’s time for drastic measures to get him to the altar. However, there’s another woman, Abigail Christenson, who’s just as determined to become Mrs. McBride. Jake McBride’s trouble started six years ago—after a night which included too many cups of spiked punch, when he’d kissed the daylights out of Emma Binns. Her father and six brothers witnessed the act, and swore him off Emma—forever. Can Jake take on the brood of men to claim the woman who haunts his dreams? Or will he die trying?

May 29, 2009 Fire Eyes by Cheryl Pierson

Isn’t this cover gorgeous? The story is captivating too. Don’t miss this story of an iron-willed widow living alone with her daughter on the frontier. She takes care of all those around her and is called Fire Eyes by the local band of Choctaw Indians. But when the Choctaw’s dump Kaed Turner on her doorstep, is he just one more burden or will he be something much more?

Beaten and wounded by a band of sadistic renegades that rules the borderlands of Indian Territory, U.S. Marshal Kaed Turner understands what the inevitable outcome will be for him: death. But Fate and a war party of Choctaw Indians intervene, delivering him instead to a beautiful angel with the skill to heal him. Jessica Monroe has already lost a husband and a brother to the outlaws who tortured Marshal Turner. As the rugged lawman lies bleeding on her bed, she faces a difficult decision. Can she afford to gamble with her heart one last time? For when Kaed recovers, he is sworn to join the other Territorial Peace Officers in their battle to wipe out the renegade gang once and for all. When vengeance is done, will Kaed keep riding? Or will he return to claim his future with the beautiful woman the Choctaw call "Fire Eyes?"

June 5, 2009 Lawmen and Outlaws Anthology

Last year Cactus Rose held a contest. Here are the four stories that won.

  • Sheriff McBride is the third McBride Brother this Summer! Jake and Calvin found their brides, now it’s time for brother Adam.
  • Sheriff Quinn Riley is bound by the law…will he lose all for duty?
  • McKenna Smith wants a pardon and revenge, will Audra Tadlock help him achieve his goals, or will she be his undoing?
  • Naomi never expects her life to take the turn it does when bounty hunter and outlaw, Bobby Morgan kidnaps her. Her captor isn’t the man he’s reputed to be, but he’s certainly not a man that would be suitable for Naomi, however her heart says otherwise.

All of these are superbly written, wonderful, vibrant stories.

This anthology combines the impressive talents of Loretta C. Rogers, Lauri Robinson, Helen Hardt, and Linda Caroll-Bradd

Two lawmen are tested when they lose their hearts--

When runaway Hannah Stewart comes into his life Sheriff Adam McBride is torn between the law and love.

Sheriff Quinn Riley must find the swindler who stole from his town and his family--even if it means losing the woman he loves, Ciara Morrissey.

And two outlaws looking for redemption have their hearts stolen--

McKenna Smith wants a pardon, and he'll do anything to get it- until he falls in love with the one person who can make it happen- AudraTadlock.

Bounty Hunter Bobby Morgan is innocent, but proving it won't be easy especially when he falls for the beautiful preacher's daughter he's kidnapped.

June 5, 2009 Marrying Minda by Tanya Hanson

Mail-order bride Minda Becker arrives in Paradise, Nebraska and eagerly marries the

handsome man who meets her stagecoach. His wedding kiss melts her toes. Too bad he's the wrong bridegroom. Having honored his brother's deathbed request to marry Minda, Cowboy Brixton Haynes can't deny he'd like a wedding night with the eastern beauty. But the last thing he needs is to be saddled with a wife and the three children his brother left behind. First chance he gets, he'll be back point-riding along the Goodnight. But leaving Minda proves to be harder than he expected.

Marrying Minda is a story I couldn’t put down. This is a touching romance. Minda is such a sweet heroine and Brixton is a great match. The romance between them sizzles.

June 12, 2009 Miner In Petticoats by Paty Jager

In another installment in her “Petticoats” series, this one is not to be missed. Paty Jager introduces us to a lonely widow, who only hopes to someday return to her homeland of Ireland, she’s been widowed twice. Once marriage was for love, the second for necessity. She isn’t interested in another husband, but Ethan Halsey makes her rethink that decision…

Shouldering the burdens of his family and the mining community, Ethan Halsey devotes himself to providing for his brothers’s growing families. However, Aileen Miller, a widow, also looking out for her family’s interests, refuses to part with the land he needs. As they battle- one to push his dream to reality and the other to prove no man will hurt her again- their lives become enmeshed and their hearts collide.

July 8, 2009 Roan's Redemption by BK Reeves

Trapped in a loveless marriage Roan was tempted by sweet Addie McKenna, the adopted daughter of his old army commander. After his wife’s death, Roan comes to bid goodbye to the old man and finds Addie is alone. This is a sweet tale of true romance. This is BK Reeves’ first story with The Wild Rose Press, and the next stop on the Orphan Train is already in the works.

Oklahoma Territory 1892 Addie McKenna finished digging the grave at sundown. She had to get Mattie in the ground tonight; tomorrow would be another scorcher. The dog barked as Addie climbed from the grave. A stranger driving a buckboard loomed from the shadows. As he came closer, Addie's breath caught. Roan McLeod! She kept her face blank. He was a married man. Roan McLeod looked at Addie McKenna, alone beside the open grave. Four months since he'd seen her. His nights had been haunted by this red-haired girl, haunted by forbidden images of them together as he opened his mouth on Addie's and removed her clothes. Those were shameful thoughts for a man who had buried his wife and daughter only ten days ago. Roan's Redemption is the first romance in a series called "The Orphan Train Legacy."

September 11, 2009 The Golden Lady by Roberta C.M. DeCaprio

She’s in love with her enemy… After her father is killed by hostile Indians, Amanda is all alone. Determined to make it on her own she sticks it out on the home stead. Reverend Joshua Holmes loves her, and offers to maker her his wife, but Amanda falls in love with Proud Eagle, a man who should be her enemy.

Loving someone is hard...especially if they're supposed to be your enemy!

Willow Creek, Arizona saw its share of Indian attacks. Amanda Gregory witnessed the sorrow first hand with her father's murder. Refusing Reverend Joshua Holmes' proposal, Amanda decides to stay on her farm and run it alone. When she saves Proud Eagle, a wounded Apache warrior, he wins her heart, calling her his golden lady, and Amanda's hatred of Indians begins to change. The night the Chiricahuas attack Amanda's farm, Proud Eagle helps her to escape, taking her back to his tribe to become his wife. But their love is forbidden, and Amanda finds herself fighting the biggest battle of her life . . . the right to love her enemy.

Between The Rifle and the Spear Book One

September 16, 2009

Snakes and Jails and Puppy Dog Tails by Mallary Mitchell

Snakes and Jails and Puppy Dog Tails is a sweet story about love, miracles and second chances…

Spinster Arabella Trask loves only one man, but he betrayed her.

Levi Wallace left her for another and married the woman who carried his child. Now a widower, Levi is injured and desperately needs Arabella's help. Can she risk her heart again?

As he lays dying from a snake bite... Levi's one regret is losing Bella. He never had the chance to tell her the child wasn't his. He married to save his brother's sorry hide and give the child a name. He longs to have Bella in his life again--will it take divine intervention to get her back?

October 2, 2009 Samantha's Sacrifice by Sandi Hampton

Samantha is another heroine who gives so much to others. She is strong, loving and will do anything for her family…Blake isn’t a man who wants a family, at least he didn’t think he was.

To uphold her family’s honor, Samantha Adams agrees to take her sister’s place and marry wealthy rancher Blake McCarthy. But when he claims no knowledge of the wedding contract, she finds herself in desperate straits to support herself and her adopted daughter.

Having lost his wife and son during the war, the last thing Blake wants is another wife. When beautiful Samantha Adams shows up at his ranch on the pretext of honoring a marriage contract, he believes she is only after someone to take care of her and her daughter. And he is determined it’s not going to be him.

Neither Samantha nor Blake are prepared for the attraction they feel. They both intend to fight it to the bitter end. But when passion sparks into flame, can Blake’s passionate kisses and sweet caresses make Samantha forget his accusations and mistrust, and can Blake’s desire for Samantha overcome his suspicions?

November 6. 2009 Badland Bride by Lauri Robinson

This is one that made me laugh, cry then laugh some more. Skeeter is adorable. He is just a hero’s hero. His mother is hilarious and Lila is a young woman who learns what ‘family’ really means. This is a wonderful story of time travel, cowboys and a very interesting Indian, named Buffalo Killer—any plans for Buffalo Killer’s story?

Ma Quinter is at it again—using the double barrels of her shotgun to force some unsuspecting female to marry one of her boys.

This time it's Skeeter and the young, pregnant girl he hauled home. Escaping from her abuser, Lila Scott, crawls through a tunnel, and ends up in 1882. Even though her rescuer is the most wonderful man she's ever met, she must hold true to her mission of returning to the future where she can have her baby with modern medical care. With the help of some rotgut whiskey and a few peyote buttons, Steven Quinter, aka Skeeter, participated in Buffalo Killer's ghost dance. When he wakes up there’s an adorable redhead staring down at him. Not knowing what else to do, he takes the girl home to his mother, but when Ma Quinter realizes the young girl is pregnant, another shotgun wedding takes place.

November 20, 2009 Misty Dreams by Charlotte Parker

This is another one with a paranormal twist…Can a man from the past be her future?

Dreamer, Elita La Rue, has always romanticized the stories in her great-great-grandmother’s journal and memorized the photographs of two gunfighters--Wild Bill Hickok and Seth Lucan. If only she could turn back the hands of time to 1876! Playing dress up in her father's theme town, Duke's Wild West, is as good as it gets until a handsome gunfighter appears out of nowhere claiming to be Seth Lucan. Elita is willing to believe his outlandish story in hopes he'll make all her fantasies come true.

Seth Lucan is tired. Tired of being mistaken for his outlaw brother, and tired of dodging bullets. When he arrives in Deadwood, his hopes of making enough money to start over are shattered when he discovers the town has not only become a cesspool of thieves and murderers, but the Lucan name and troubles have followed him. Now he’s faced with a new barrage of bullets, a high-strung lady with a wild imagination, and no way out.

A strange mist emanating from the old blacksmith’s shop may answer both their prayers. Will love be enough to save them from the consequences?

And just in time for the holidays…Miracles and Angels

December 2, 2009 A Night for Miracles by Cheryl Pierson

Cheryl Pierson, author of Fire Eyes, brings us the heartwarming story of Angela Bentley.

When widow Angela Bentley takes in injured ex-gunhawk Nick Dalton and three orphans on Christmas Eve, she is determined only to lend a hand where needed. But when the children drag in a small, scraggly Christmas tree, Angela finds herself wanting to create a memorable holiday for them. Can these visitors become the family she longs for? For those who believe in miracles, anything is possible--even true love, in the most unlikely circumstances.

December 9, 2009 An Ordinary Angel by Kathy Otten

He’s just a wounded outlaw, but could this ordinary man be something extraordinary…

A lifetime of polite indifference is all Julianne Spencer sees when she envisions a future with her current suitor, Mr. Terrel Lee Parker. She is looking for someone more passionate, more heroic, who can love her for who she really is, and not the proper young lady she pretends to be. Her future seems hopeless until Christmas Eve, when fate drops a wounded outlaw at her door and she comes to realize true heroes can be found inside even ordinary men.


Penny Rader said...

Wow! Looks like some great stories. Can't wait to read them.

danie88 said...

oh i love the cover of Fire Eyes by Cheryl Pierson and the story sounds great as well :)

Becky said...

I will definitely have to check out Cactus Rose for some books. These all look really good. I have already added 5 of the titles to my list to get.

Lauri said...

Wow! My TBR list is never ending!

I also want to add that one of the free reads offered during Cactus Month this June will be Blue Spring's Queen, the 4th McBride story!

Happy Birthday, TWRP!

Eve- Cactus Editor said...

They are wonderful. I didn't mention highlight those with paranormal elements. My Heart Will Find Yours, Badland Bride,& Misty Dreams all have paranormal/time travel elements if you like time travel

Eve- Cactus Editor said...

Cool Lauri! Thanks for adding that about the free read :-)

Eve- Cactus Editor said...

Cool Lauri! Thanks for adding that about the free read :-)

Patricia Tanner said...

Penny, We have awesome authors in our line.

Danie, Thanks for stopping by!

Becky, Yes, we have a western story for all tastes.

And the fourth free read is just as good as all the other McBride stories!

Helen said...

I had the pleasure of editing Fire Eyes, Marrying Minda, and A Night for Miracles. They are all wonderful. Cheryl Pierson and Tanya Hanson are definitely two authors to keep your eyes on!

I was also lucky enough to get a sneak preview of An Ordinary Angel by Kathy Otten. You don't want to miss this one!

Cactus Editor

Linda LaRoque said...

Oh goodie! My Heart Will Find Yours made it up there.

I love this line. I've always been a sucker for the old west. As a child I even wanted to live back then. I think reading about is probably better.

Lisa Anderson said...

A great line up for 2009. Will add many to my list of books to purchase. Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

I agree. What a great lineup. Congratulations, ladies!


Tina Gayle said...

Looks like there are some great books coming up over the rest of the year.

Love them cowboys,

Tina Gayle

Eve- Cactus Editor said...

Congrats on your release Linda LaRoque!!

Linda LaRoque said...

Thanks, Eve. I'm thrilled!

I tell you, I thought I'd read most of these but after reading the blurbs learned I haven't. I may need a bank loan to stock up. Great stories.

Patricia Tanner said...

We have indeed been blessed with some talented authors and great stories.

Sharon Donovan said...

Congratulations on all the great books and upcoming releases. After reading these, I think I'll need a bank loan too, Linda! Or maybe rob one. LOL Congratulations on your release Linda. And here's to RJ and Rhonda, all the editors and authors of TWRP. Happy Birthday. I'm thrilled to be a part of this garden.

Tanya Hanson said...

You are very kind, Helen LOL. The plot blurbs are fantastic and the covers, whew.

Amber Leigh Williams said...

I'm lovin these blurbs and covers. Can't wait to check out these titles! I'm getting really excited about this line!


Silver James said...

Who says the Western is dying? Not Cactus Rose! Looks like some great reads coming this year.

Unknown said...

I've been waiting for Cheryl Pierson's FIRE EYES and Linda Laroque's MY HEART WILL FIND YOURS. Both authors, in my opinion, are very talented, and love and know how to write the West.
Congratulations to all new releases in Cactus line-more, more, more. Celia

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Celia. That is really a high compliment coming from someone who writes as well as you do!

Anonymous said...

That is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said. I appreciate YOU so much, too. Writing a book or a short story is only part of the process. The editing is important too, in making it the very best it can be. Thank you for all your help.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Linda!!! I know you must be on Cloud 9!

Linda LaRoque said...

Celia, How sweet of you to say such a nice thing. I feel the same way about you and your writing.

Linda LaRoque said...

Thank you and congratulations to you, too, Cheryl.

Caffey said...

I don't know about you but I have a list growing here right now! I enjoy many of the lines at TWRP, and the Cactus line is one I always check out!

I keep a shopping list and too books coming list. I hate to miss books and so I thought to start this so that I don't!