Friday, May 1, 2009

Gettings from the Old Lady Saloon! aka Last Rose of Summer

Best wishes to Wild Rose Press on their third birthday from the barkeeps at the Old Lady Saloon: Kathy Cottrell, Aly Ottomeier, and Maggie Johnson. Though we are a small line, we are mighty, and we welcome any and all guests who are interested in trying out a different type of hero and/or heroine.

Ally and Maggie couldn't be with us today; I promised I would speak for all of us when I say we welcome submissions, in particular for our sub-specialty story line--Chapter Two. These are mature [read: over forty] heroes or heroines who, because of events beyond their control, find themselves needing to reinvent themselves. These events, which occur in our society on a daily basis, could happen to anyone at any time. The recent economic slump has lead to--in Western New York state anyway--down-sizing of human resources, industries closing or drastically trimming back; natural or man-made disasters, death, and [heh heh] taxes. Along the journey of "finding themselves" on this second chapter, romance finds them!

No story better illustrates a Chapter Two submission than Kathleen O'Connor's Men of Paradise, a rosebud length story released this past week. With its gorgeous, eye-catching cover dead center on WRP's home page, this is the story of three men who for various reasons come to a gated community in Florida and there find romance. Kathy has created three hunks and three women equal to them. I loved this story from its inception, I know you will too!

So, when you're thinking about creating some real people facing real problems, think about a Chapter Two.
Kathy Cottrell, Senior Editor, Last Rose of Summer


Old Lady Saloon Keeper said...

My sincere apologies for posting early. I wrote the blog entry and waited [I thought] until exactly 3:00 PM, the designated kick-off time. Looks like it went in early!!

Terry Odell said...

I remember when one of my short stories was accepted in the "Last Rose of Summer" line. One of my critique group members thought the "Last" in the imprint name implied that heroines in the 40-plus age range were done with life and romance. Our stories prove that love doesn't disappear.

Hywela Lyn said...

Hello, Last Roses of Summer. Happy Birthday! I write for Faery Rose at the moment, but I love the idea that anyone over 40 is far from 'over the hill.' Why should the youngsters have all the fun?

Lynda Lukow said...

I adore older heroes and heroines. IRL the quest for love doesn't end at 35. I'm thrilled TWRP inspires baby boomers.


Sharon Donovan said...

I love it-- Old Lady Saloon Keeper. LOL Happy Birthday Last Rose of Summer editors and authors. Congratulations on your new release, Kathleen! Wishing you all the best and much success.

Nicole McCaffrey said...

I love older hero and heroines, too. It's easier to relate to someone who has lived a little and faced the same challenges I have.

Happy birhtday TWRP!

Silver James said...

Hey, we're not over the hill yet! We aren't getting older, we're getting better!

I tend to be a cross-genre writer (I've got a novel coming out from Faery Rose at some point so I lean toward paranormal) but I do have an older heroine lurking in my imagination. The problem is, she picks up a couple of otherworldly hitchhickers on her road trip, along with a hunky hero. Maybe I'll figure out which line to submit it to once I have it written.

peggy said...

I enjoy reading about characters
of all ages.

Amber Leigh Williams said...

I love the sounds of Men of Paradise. The three heros/heroines sounds a lot like Montana Sky by Nora Roberts. The idea of two or more love stories in one is one of my favorites. Nora also wrote a great over-forty book entitled Black Rose in her Garden trilogy, which I adored. I never would've expected to connect to a heroine over forty but I adored Roz! I can't wait to read what Last Rose of Summer has to offer :)

L M Gonzalez said...

I, too, love the idea of heroines and heroes who have lived a little and have not given up on finding true love or re-inflaming an old love.

My first good was for this line and I love it!

Happy Birthday The Wild Rose Press!


Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday Roses! Writing for Last Rose is a lot of fun. We have truly sexy heroes in this line.

Kathleen O'Connor
Men of Paradise