Sunday, April 13, 2008

Writing a crimson

Living the Midwest, we can run through some interesting weather. This last week was particularly fun with cold, wet weather. While most of my friends were lamenting not being able to see the sunshine, I found it a great time to be thinking Crimson. The ideas running through my head ventured from Doyle's Sherlock Holmes to Angela Lansberry in Murder, She Wrote to Magnum P.I. to Cierra James's series to Cindy Gerard's series to even a bit of Nancy Drew (yep, I'm still young at heart) to...okay, I could go on forever, especially given some of the great stuff coming out of The Wild Rose Press's Crimson line. (check it out - bad weather or not)

In today's world, there are so many ways to view suspense. There is the physical side of suspense that creates the action. Heroines running for their lives and heros being macho. Then there is also the mental side of suspense. Creating the tension by making the reader use their brain to solve the riddles being laid out by the villains.

I love the opportunity of sitting down with a well-done suspense and forgetting the world for that moment in time. The nice thing about the weather cooperating is that I couldn't do any of the outdoor things I had planned. I had to sit and read - what better gift in our busy world. I am glad to see the sun today but I really enjoyed that little vacation.

As an editor for the Crimson Rose line, I can tell you that we are always looking for fresh new ideas and ways to get the hearts of our readers racing - whether it is the physical or the mental side.

Lori Graham
Senior Editor, Crimson Rose

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