Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April is English Tea Rose Month

I can't tell you how excited I am that April is English Tea Rose Month. I'm privileged to be affiliated with ETea and White Rose, so I feel as if I get to "double dip." March was White Rose month, and we had a winner in our jellybean contest who actually guessed the EXACT number of jellybeans. Kewl! Now, we move into ETea month, and every lover of non-American historical romance is going to benefit. Check out the English Tea section of our store! There's a discount on every English Tea title Even New Releases. There's nothing better than a great read at a discount, don't you agree?

I'd also like to celebrate ETea month by seeing some more fantastic submissions. So, if you write medievals or regencies, Scottish highlander stories, or any other historical romance not set in the U.S.--Send them in!

Nicola Martinez, Sr. Editor
White Rose
English Tea Rose


Historical Writer/Editor said...

How exciting! I love those stories. I've written several set in England. What I really should do is study more Scottish history considering my husband is half-Scottish, and I love the culture. It's beautiful and fascinating, just like the music. We have a gorgeous MacGregor crest hanging on our wall next to other items from Scotland and a box of books from his grandparents. Time to dust off those history books and learn more about a strong people who struggled through so much misfortune. Thanks for the little zap of inspiration. -Corinne M.

Sarita Leone said...

I love being part of the English Tea Rose garden. Finally, This Season is one of the stories I most enjoyed writing.