Thursday, March 27, 2008

Snarky emerges

They call me…Snarky

Yep that’s my name – well actually it’s RJMorris. I’m the other owner of The Wild Rose Press. But somehow I got labeled Snarky and it stuck. I think it comes from my way of shooting out plain emails, no chitchat etc., but I like it. It fits my dragon caricature so well.
But I’m not a non-chatty person. Just ask those that have actually spoken with me. They’ll tell you that RJ can tangent with the best of them face-to-face or on the phone. Boy, get me on a favorite topic and you cannot shut me up. I do love my soapbox/podium.

My duties around here are pretty basic. Do whatever the Boss Lady tells me to - so here I am chatting. Actually Rhonda and I are a great team. We’re opposite in so many ways, that it makes us fit like puzzle pieces – pretty cool. But along with doing her bidding I manage the stores, the sales numbers, the websites, and production. So there’s a lot on my plate, which leaves me little time to talk about the weather in emails.

Well, I hope that’s enough chatting about me, I’ve got to get back to work. We had a power outage today so I’m already behind. So let me just say, that if you’re new to the garden, Welcome, and if you’ve been here a while, Howdy!

Ya’ll come back now, ya here?

RJMorris (Snarky)


Unknown said...

So, now we hear from the elusive, mysterious RJ. Nice blog! It gave me a "feel" of your personality.
Celia Yeary

Sheryl Browne said...

Hey, RJ. I had a few probs along the way. Nothing major, just hiccups. But I very much appreciated your no-nonsense-this-what-we-can-do emails. I am from the UK, and they are much preferable to none, trust me. Um, now how many hands do you guys have to juggle with? :)
Thanks, RJ.
Sheryl w/a Charlotte Chalmers

Ellen Dye said...

Great blog and it's wonderful to meet the mysterious other half! And, I just gotta say it, Snarky is just too cool!
Ellen Dye

Donna L said...

Hey RJ, thanks for the peek inside your head. The dragon is cute, but where's the fire and wings? With a name like Snarly, there ought to be a whiff of smoke in the air and a touch of dragon breathing fire.

Roni said...

I told her you guys would love to "meet" her. Sometimes RJ needs to be prodded and poked to do this "warm fuzzy" stuff but once she gets out there, I think she secretly enjoys it. RJ will be at RT this year, and I can't wait to have all of you meet her. She's absolutely correct in what she says about our personalities for whatever reason it works. What she lacks I have and what I lack she has and it works wonderfully. She never takes offense at my list of things I need done and I never take offense when she tells me go..well never mind, but we do compliment each other beautifully. North and South does get along sometimes. lol.


Alisha said...

Hi Snarky! Hey, this blog is neat. It's very interesting to see the inside workings of an editor's mind and to get to know you and the Boss Lady a little better!

I have noticed that your emails are very different from Boss Lady's, hence the Snarky thing, but there's always been a little glimmer of your personality in there. I would think to myself, wow, this lady is super busy! You never came off snarky, just short and sweet.

Thanks for all you do!
Alisha Paige

Jenni said...

Snarky, eh? Snark is good. I like snark. No one has ever called me snarky. Slightly loud and obnxious, but never snarky!

Good to see the snark side!