Friday, March 28, 2008

Black vs. Scarlet Sensuality Levels - A fine line

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Callie Lynn here peeking out of the darkness once again.

I wanted to take a moment to discuss a subject that until now has been clear as mud in my own befuddled mind, so I thought it just might be true of others, editors and authors alike. As most of you know, I represent Black Rose and Diana Carlisle represents Scarlet. Our two lines come dangerously close on the sensuality/erotic scale, so we decided to get together and discuss the differences between our two lines.

Vampyres and Werewolves are extremely sensual creatures by nature so naturally Black Rose stories will contain a good amount of sexual imagery. The problem is just where do we draw the line between Scarlet(Erotica) and Black(Sensual, Spicy, Hot).

Here's what Diana and I have come up with. Black Rose runs between the levels of Sensual, Spicy, and Hot (If you have a lighter Vampyre/Werewolf story, of course, it would also fit under Black Rose,but for the sake of the issue at hand, these stories would not apply within this discussion). What I mean by this is the sex can be descriptive in its imagery, hot in temperature, but the terminology is tamer and the story themes are never about the sex. Are you confused yet? Let me say this in a little different way. If the story theme wraps around sex than your sub/story is a Scarlet. If it follows the character's journey and or growth into his or her own sexuality, then again it is a Scarlet.

With this said and if there is still confusion as to where your story or a submission should go, no worries. You can submit it to either of us for guidance. One thing I would strongly suggest for both editors and authors is to sample stories from both lines to access the difference.

Natasha also has tools and samples in the FE Department to guide and educate the new editors/floating editors on how to determine the difference between the lines.

Note to all editors:

We have sample stories that do give you a distinctive example of the difference. If anyone is interested either Diana or myself would be more than happy to send them you way.

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