Sunday, March 16, 2008

Welcome Behind The Garden Gate

Hello everyone! This is so neat; a place for those of us Behind the Garden Gate to share with everyone what goes on and to tell you a bit about ourselves and what we do. My hope is that through this blog, you will be able to get to know the editors and other staff members here in the garden.

I've often said that one of the reasons The Wild Rose Press has done as well as it has is that our authors feel a personal commitment to us. Instead of it being those of us that work here in some secret closed door office, we're right out there with all of you and you can sense that. Its a community garden; one where everyone pitches in to make it bloom and grow.

Well, we're almost at our two year birthday and whatever we're all doing its working. I hope this blog is yet another tool to help you understand us. I hope you'll make this another place you visit on a regular basis and tell your friends to check out.

Soon RJ and I will be off to RT; I'll make sure to blog all about it so we can share it with you.

Until then, bloom and grow with us!



Zara Penney said...

I'll put a foot into the water here.

I'm Zara Penney - one of your 'Coming Soon' authors. My first contribution with TWRP will be part of an anthology entitled THE ENCHANTED FAERIE.

Six of us take you into the world of the Scottish Highlands in the year 1678 - where the Heartland of myth and legends of Scotland and the Celtish folk live.

I'd love folk to have a look at my story, one of six in this anthology. THE SECUREMENT OF GREGGIE DONALD is my first story with this wonderful publishing house.

Zara Penney

Wendi said...

Hi, Rhonda and everyone. :) I'm a new rose (Scarlet). I love being able to peek "behind the garden gate." Thanks for the blog!

Wendi Darlin

Katie Reus said...

Hi Rhonda and everyone else at the Garden! TWRP is a great place to be. I just signed my second contract for the Crimson Line and couldn't be happier w/ the professionalism and all around helpfulness of my editor. :)

Georgiana Daniels said...

I think an editor blog is an awesome idea! I appreciate the innovation here at TWRP =)

Unknown said...

Hi Rhonda and everyone,
What a wonderful idea! I will be checking back often to see what's new. Thanks for doing this blog.

Donna L said...

I'm also a coming soon author(Saving Cinderella). I am so pleased w/the open lines of communication. It would be very hard not to "bloom" as a author in this garden. I can't even begin to express how proud I am to be a part of it all. My thanks to all the editors and marketing folks (thank you Lisa) who have made me feel welcome.