Friday, March 14, 2008

Black Rose stepping in out of the darkness.

Hi, Callie Lynn peeking in. I walk on the darker side of the garden embraced within the arms of my sensual, hunky vamps and weres. We're all about Heroes and Heroines guided by the will of the moon, a curse, or just plain heredity. They can be frightening yet gentle, willful yet as pliable as a blade of grass, cool to touch yet hot...oh so very hot.

If you've got creatures like this roaming the mists or forests of your imagination, we're looking for you. If your characters have a knack for turning furry at least once a month or have the ability to emit pheromones that don't give the recipient a chance in Hell--no pun intended:)-- of resisting his/her will, I want to meet them. We're open to other darker stories as well.

And the bonus! Check out Got Wolf? Black Rose's contest running right now. If you do have a hot shapeshifter stalking your imagination then get him/her down on paper! You're story will have a chance at being placed in our Got Wolf? Anthology and you have the chance of winning a fabulously decadant Black Rose Gift basket. For more information just go to and click on the Got Wolf? banner at the top of the page.

Well back to reviewing all those wonderful submissions! Do I have one from you?

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