Monday, October 1, 2012


The subject is definitely controversial.  On the one hand proponents feel writers should have the ability to go directly to the reader and sell their product without a publisher deciding  they can or not.  Those against it feel it's cheating.  Not wanting to wait for a publisher to contract the manuscript and going it alone.  Those against it also feel it could possibly lessen the quality of books and the buying public has no way of knowing if a book or short story is worth their money or not.

No matter which side you are on; one thing is for sure...Self-Publishing is part of the new world of publishing and changes haven't been this big since the first ebook was published over a decade ago.

One would think that a publishing house such as TWRP would be against the idea of self-publishing as it basically means the author is cutting out the publisher and going direct to the public.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  TWRP was started to help grow writers and in our constant mission to succeed in this goal, we are always open to change and new ideas as they come along.  Today, Wildflowers Books ( was opened as a way to help writers reach their goals once more.

WFB will offer services that will help the writer self-publish his/her book. We will offer services to allow the writer to have a beautiful cover, a manuscript that is converted to the proper format for various distribution channels such as,, iStore, and several others. We will also offer print copies if the length is appropriate for printing.

TWRP will always be the main thrust of our business; helping writers become published authors in the traditional sense and we will always bring you the very best in quality romance.  But just like there was room for both print books and ebooks; there is room for selfpublished books too. Change is good; it keeps everything moving forward.  Remember, some used to say the home computer was pointless too.

So stop by and take a look at the newest part of our garden -

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Rhonda Penders

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Anonymous said...

Will The Wild Rose Press lose its credentials with RWA and be removed from their list of recognized publishers because of this venture?