Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Samhain or Halloween as we call it here in the states marks the end of summer. It has also been suggested that on the night we celebrate Halloween the veil between our world and others is like gossamer and can be breached by those who dare.

Worlds where faeries, dragons, immortals, and all types of paranormal creatures both good and bad have fascinated the human race for many millennia.  It is the aspect of new ground, unfamiliar territory, and paths not always walked that I believe pull readers into the world of romance. Worlds that could be vastly different then what they are used to, and in doing so it is the responsibility of the author and the editor to make sure the pages are true to life in whatever world the author paints in words.

Write what you know, and if you are not sure of the facts, please look them up. Create a place that is unique even if it is just the neighborhood tavern. Make it real, make it fun, and make it a place readers will want to revisit. Creating a world means layering it with characters, places, and even at times a villain that is unique for that particular place.  

Use your imagination, but please, make sure you cover all your bases.  Don’t leave any inconsistencies that readers will be able to get lost in. You want them to be involved but because they cannot help themselves—not because they are confused.  A world should be a place that readers do not want to leave. You want them to remember the world you create long after they close the book.

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