Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Birthday TWRP - Special Calls for Submissions

Happy 6th Birthday to the Wild Rose Press. 
We thought we'd share what we're looking for in submissions. 
The Wild Rose Press is a publisher of romance and we are always open for submissions in all our lines. 
However, here are some special series opportunities.

Please see our website for full submission guidelines. www.TheWildRosePress.com

2012 Series and Call for Submissions

Last Rose of Summer Line – later-in-life contemporary

Dearly Beloved Series ~ This unique series isn’t always about the bride and groom. A member of the clergy, the wedding planner, pastry chef, caterer, florist, or the musician could become the hero or heroine of the story. The phrase “Dearly Beloved” must be present in the story.

Word count: 7,500—25K; Heat level: sweet to spicy. Submit the entire manuscript as an attachment to queryus@thewildrosepress.com. In the subject line include: Dearly Beloved Series and the title of your manuscript. For questions or clarification, feel free to contact Kathy Cottrell, Senior Editor for the Last Rose of Summer line at kdcottrell@aol.com

Yellow Rose Line – contemporary western

Honky Tonk Hearts Series ~ Lonely hearts gravitate to the Lonesome Steer Honky Tonk. Owner and bartender, Gus Rankin, has seen his share of the wandering souls over the years—he’d even like to think he helped a few find true love along the way. 
Wherever a cowboy rides, works, plays or competes could be the setting for your story as long as at some important point, they cross the threshold into the Lonesome Steer Honky Tonk. 

Word Count: 20K to 40K.  You can find pertinent details on the honky tonk and submission information at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/twrphonkytonkhearts
Questions: contact Stacy D. Holmes, Senior Editor of Yellow Rose, at stacy@thewildrosepress.com

Black Rose ­– Paranormal (Dark: hot shifters, sexy vamps, and to die for demons)

Pagan Holiday Series. We are looking for stories that have to do with following:

*Yule (similar to Christmas)
*Imbolc (candlemass)
*Ostara (Spring Equinox)
*Beltane (May Day)
*Litha - Midsummer (Summer Solstice)
*Lughnasadh (First Harvest)
*Mabon (Autumn Equinox)
*Samhain (End of the Celtic year)

Crimson Rose – Romantic Suspense

Summer Heat Series ~ Crime and emotions seem to spike on hot summer nights. Bring them together and the results are explosive. It can be any kind of mystery or action suspense. The hero and heroine can be the investigators, or the victims. The only requirement is that the heat of a summer night must be a key role. Location can be anywhere in the world.
Spice level: Sweet to Hot; Length: 7,500 to 55,000 words

After seeing our full Crimson guidelines on our website, submit a synopsis and query to queryus@thewildrosepress.com. In the subject line include: Summer Heat Series and the Title of your manuscript.  For questions or clarification, please feel free to contact Lori Graham, Senior Editor for Crimson Rose, at lori@thewildrosepress.com

Scarlet Rose – Erotic Romance in all genre

Scarlet Rose is looking for hot men who love hot men! See the GBLT section of the wilder website and our specific guidelines for erotic romance.

Sweetheart Rose – Sweet contemporary

The Flower Basket Series ~ Set in the fictional town Almendra in central California, this series has only one requirement: a scene must take place in relation to The Flower Basket shop. Either in person by an interaction with one or all of the three owners or by a phone call. This series will be ending soon so now is the time to send off that short lighthearted story. A chart of all stories, characters, professions, etc. is available by contacting Leanne Morgena at leanne@thewildrosepress.com 

Word count: 7,500 to 40,000; Rating: Sweet

Cactus Rose – Western Historical

Lawmen & Outlaws Series ~ Got a hankerin' for bad boys and badges? So do we!
Saddle up and send us your bad boys ready to be reformed by love. Or your lawmen who long for the love of a good woman. (We like female outlaws and heroines who uphold the law, too!) Characters should be heroic at heart. Throw in lots of conflict, smoldering sexual tension, an historically accurate western setting, and a happily ever after ending.

Outlaw characters must be worthy of being a TWRP hero, no cold-blooded murderers or rapists, please. Lawmen should be devoted to upholding the law even at great personal sacrifice. Setting can be anywhere west of the Mississippi in the 1800s.

Length 7,500 to 25k. Heat rating can range from sweet to hot. Send your queries or questions to queryus@thewildrosepress.com, subject line Lawmen and Outlaws Series and the title of your book.

Champagne Rose – Contemporary

Millionaire’s Club - Classic Contemporaries ~ Champagne and Caviar. Rich and sexy. He’s the reformed playboy, the corporate raider or the self-made man. He comes from old money or new money. These stories are about rich and powerful men. However, he’ll have to earn this heroine’s love. He has to show her his love is the most valuable possession he can give her.

Length – 20K – 60K Rated Spicy to Hot

Historical Lines – American, Cactus, English Tea Rose, Vintage

Love Letters Series ~ Sometimes… a letter changes everything. In the historical series, the receipt of a letter forever changes a character’s life. A Dear John letter, a “Regret to Inform You” letter, Unexpected Inheritance, a Mail Order Bride, let your imagination be your guide.  Stories must be historically accurate.

Story length 20,000-25,000 words. The letter must occur within the first three pages of the story.

Please follow the general submission guidelines on the website for formatting and submit through the queryus@thewildrosepress.com. “Love Letters Series” should appear in the subject line, as well as your title.


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