Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You Know You're Reading a Good Book When...

You know when you're reading a good book when...
How do you finish that sentence?

What makes you decide the e-book on your screen or the paperback in your hand is going to be a great read? At what point do you have that “eureka!” moment? When do you know the story will echo in your heart long after you turn the last page?

Is it when you meet the characters and find their goals, motivation, and conflict resonate with—or are refreshingly different from—your own? Or when the first plot twist steals your breath, or makes your heart quiver or your mind race for answers? Or when you’re completely transported into the story after reading only a page, or a paragraph?

The Wild Rose Press author Emma Lai replied, “I know I’m reading a good book when I’ve fallen in love with the characters by page two, or when I’ve read twenty pages without once glancing up, or when I’ve laughed, cried, groaned, moaned, or gotten angry with one of the characters.”

TWRP author Maxine Mansfield said this, “You know you’re reading a really good book when you have to pee so bad, you are squeezing your thighs together as tight as you can get them, just so you can get to the end of the chapter before you have no choice but to get up and run!” She added, “It happens to me all the time.”

Other devout readers of romance had this to say:

“When something unusual happens that I wasn’t expecting, but it’s perfect.”

“When I lose track of time and where I’m at and what I’m supposed to be doing.”

“When I think I know what’s going to happen so I keep reading to make sure I’m right.”

“When it’s highly recommended, especially by friends who like the same stories I do.”

“When I smell dinner burning!”

What about you? When do you know the story you’re reading is a good one?

Lori LeBonde, editor, Scarlet Rose


Linda Engman said...

...I can't wait for dinner and the dishes to be done so I can get into my pj's and curl up and read all night.

Cara Bristol said...

LOL Maxine. Now I know. If I can make someone wet her pants, I've done my job as an author!

Toni Lynn said...

...I'm late making dinner because I lost all track of time.

Rebecca J. Clark said...

When I can't think about anything else at work but getting home and finishing that book.

Maxine Mansfield said...

Cara, I'm glad I can bring joy to your life :) It really does happen to me, lol.. I just wish I was coordinated enough to get my pants down, pee, and continue reading my book at the same time. Sigh..I can't though. I'm old, lol, and not nearly as agile as I used to be.

Lori Robinett said...

I know I'm hooked when I suddenly realize that I have totally immersed myself, when I am completely unaware of my surroundings. Nothing beats that feeling of escape!

rbooth43 said...
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rbooth43 said...

I got this ebook from Amazon, but I know that Mimi is one of your authors too.
WOW! What a great paranormal love story, Mimi Barbour has written in HIS DEVIOUS ANGEL!
I would like to tell the potential reader just one scene combined in the love story of Sadie and Liam is an Angel who is seen only by Liam.
DOGS! DOGS! DOGS! The dog walking scene had me laughing so hard that my niece asked what I was reading, so I read the complete scene to her and that she was rolling on the floor, laughing so hard that she used up her breath and her stomach was hurting from the laughter. I was doing the same except rolling on the floor because i was reading to her. The dogs and Liam's shenanigans were amazing!
Here is a small blurb:
"Eating his own words didn't come easy to him. Begging didn't either, but by the time he'd walked the first pack for one block, had been tripped and almost upended, had the chains wrapped around his legs so he'd had to sit down on the sidewalk in order to get loose, and stopped a dozen times to undo leashes and rearrange their order, he'd begun to worry. The final straw came during one of the leash removals when the smallest in the group, Peppi the Pomeranian, had taken the opportunity to break loose. After he'd chased him three blocks before catching the poufy-haired little bugger, he knew he needed to listen.
The fact that Johnny-come-lately witnessed his disgrace didn't help, either. By the time Liam got back to where Sadie had the dogs properly behaving as they all waited for his return, he was hot under the collar and felt pretty dawn foolish. To see the devil glinting from the angel's eyes didn't help the situation whatsoever."
My niece now wants to read HIS DEVIOUS ANGEL too.
This love story between Sadie and Liam has all the elements, an accident, the birth of a baby, the dog-walking, thievery,help from a policeman, and of course, the Angel. This romance story was so entertaining, can't-put-down, very humorous.
HIS DEVIOUS ANGEL will captivate readers that are dog lovers, reading Sadie and Liam's great sex interludes, family conflicts and dramas that will keep the reader enthralled from the first page to the last page and wanting more. The ending of the book has an intriguing suspenseful surprising twist.
I am now a big fan of Mimi Barbour's writing and surely will read any books of hers. If you want a book that is worth getting, HIS DEVIOUS ANGEL is that book. Thanks for a great read Mimi!

Anonymous said...

When I'm reading a scene, and I realize I've read it twice already. It's so exciting, I read it a few more times.

felinewyvern said...

When I loose all track of time and place and when I look up from the book I am surprised at my surroundings.