Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday, TWRP!!!

From all of us in you guessed it...
Black Rose:)

Pop the bubbly, pull up seat, and join me in a toast to the dynamic duo, RJ and Rhonda.

For without a dream shared by two women more than six years past,
we would not be here and rising fast.
Thank you, Ladies!
May your days continue to be filled with vibrant daisies:)

Now would someone please cut the cake?

Okay, okay. Sorry for the corny poem. I'm stepping down now.  Enjoy!

Callie, Lill, Nicolette, Eilidh, Lara, and Amanda

From the darker side of the garden.


Rhonda Penders said...

Thanks ladies of the Black Rose line! The poem was fun - appreciate the kind words and thoughts.


LillF said...

Sigh....must not eat cake...must not... Thanks Callie!!!!

Fedora said...

Mmm... cake :) Happy birthday, all of you! Enjoy some cake, virtual or otherwise!

Shadow said...

Cute poem! That cake looks yummy! ;)