Monday, February 13, 2012

Romance is in the Air!

Tomorrow is the most romantic day of the year~Valentine’s Day.

As a publisher of romance, how could we not take a moment to celebrate with all the romantics at heart?

I’m sure you’ve heard the day called a “Halmark Holiday,” but let’s think about this….what is the #1 flower sent and received today? The daisy? Nope. The tulip? Nope. The carnation? Close but nope. The rose. Yeah, I think you see where I’m going with this LOL.

Enjoy the romance of the day at the Wild Rose Press. Believe me, we got romance! Sweet, heartfelt romance. Sensual, electric romance. Steamy, spicy romance. You name it and I’m sure you can find it within the gates of our gardens. Thousands of roses just waiting for you to pick for yourself or send to that someone special.

So come into our store this Valentine’s Day and browse our shelf of beautiful roses….

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