Monday, February 6, 2012

Februray - The Month of Romance

by Nicolette, Editor - Black Rose Line

February, the month of love and romance, I would like to take this chance to thank and applaud all of the writers.  Who better to represent this month than all of you, romance writers.  If you are published, thank you for entrusting your stories to all of us at the TWRP.  If you are secretly toiling away at a story, keep at it.  We are waiting to read your words.
I am your biggest fan! And your biggest cheerleader!
The hardest thing I have to do is write a rejection letter.  It takes a very brave person to submit a story.  And every story deserves to be told but there are times when they need a little work before they are ready to go out into the world.  When you do get that rejection letter think of it as the next step in the process and please keep on writing.  Jump right back in.
Take the time to learn the craft. All the technical aspects of writing can be studied and learned.  Take advantage of all the resources available.  However, the most important thing a writer brings to the table is passion.  Be open and free.  Don’t hold back.  Allow your characters to take you on the adventure.  It’s their story let; them tell it.  If you give them a chance, they will push you to the edge and hopefully right over.
Don’t be afraid of taking the big risk.  Be daring, love is a crazy thing, it makes people go far beyond what they would ever dream.  It pushes to extremes never thought possible.  As a writer of romance, you need to be willing to take that leap and bring us all along with you. Create the world you want to see.  Experience every minute detail and then share it with the rest of us.
More importantly have fun.  This should be pure enjoyment.  Love what you are doing; love each word that is put on the page.
Don’t be afraid of tapping into your emotions.  It may be uncomfortable but it breathes life into characters when the emotions come from a real place.  Embrace them, use them, they are the tools you’re going to need. Allow yourself to experience the highs and lows of the characters.
Listen to the voices in your head. They will guide you through your story.
And remember, no holding back!
I fell in love with romance novels at a young age and never looked back.  I love the stories, the ideas that love can conquer all and that there is a happily ever after.  It gives me hope in a world where so much is focused on the negative.  It’s my escape into a better world where I know that no matter what happens, no matter how dark the dark moments get, it’s all going to work out for the best.  My hero and heroine are going to find their way back to each other because their love is strong enough to carry them through.
The process isn’t always easy but never give up your dream. We are here to help and cheer for you.  Waiting excitedly for your stories release.

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