Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Flower Basket

For those of you (and I hope there are several more) planning a submission to The Flower Basket series in the Sweetheart line:

Based on the submissions I’ve received to date, I thought a bit more explanation was needed. The guidelines state you need to download and read Business is Blooming, (free read) the kick-off Rosette for the series. This is essential because you need to get a feel for the shop and the three owners. The plot of the story you create must have a connection of some type with the flower shop. This means your characters need to place or receive an order of flowers. They may consult with the shop owners, in person or on the phone, on an upcoming event or just dash in for a spontaneous purchase.

Business is Blooming established the names, business roles and basic characterizations for the three shop owners. You need to keep those consistent when those characters appear (ex: don’t have your character talking with Steffi about making a run to the flower market—that’s Donica’s job). The touchy part is not creating story events or personal histories for another author’s character that changes the potential storyline. (ex: don’t give Steffi a past involving three years in New York as a runway model)

You may introduce other characters necessary for your storyline, and if your project is contracted, those characters become part of the population of Almendra. At the contract time, you will be given the option of reserving control of the characters in your story or releasing them for others to write about.

I invite questions about the series and am willing to look over proposals or story ideas. Please remember a contract is only issued on a completed story.

Leanne Morgena
Senior Editor, Sweetheart Rose

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