Wednesday, August 13, 2008

eReaders Blooming in the Garden

I'm in love. I admit it and even my husband is supportive of it. The last time I felt this kind of thrill was when I got my first flashdrive! This love affair I have with technology is continuing now with a SONY eReader.

If you've never had the chance to touch one or see one in action, let me try to set the scene for you. Its about the size of a trade size paperback, or one of our Wild Rose Press print books. Its about 1/2 an inch thick. Mine is silver but it came in a leather case which resembles a book. It slips into my briefcase or my purse and takes up no space at all.

When you turn it on the view you have is very similar to looking at a page in a book. The font can be made larger or smaller with the push of a button.

It was very easy to use. Without any outside instruction I had it hooked to my computer and was downloading pdf's to it to read later in a matter of minutes.

Now it goes everywhere with me. Loaded with several of our TWRP titles, I can review manuscripts from authors or I can read already published stories wherever I am. Reading on it doesn't cause eye strain and I don't miss the printed pages at all. What I really love is not having to lug several books with me in case I don't feel like reading one. I like choices. This way I can take as many books with me as I want all in this one device.

I'm determined to try to get these out to all of you. Check out the last few weeks of our Summer Sony eReader contest and enter. I'd love to ship one to you as the winner! We'll announce the winner at our September 2 chat. I hope its you!

If you don't win one, consider buying one. We purchase from Check them out.


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