Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Call for Billionaire Romance

Hello authors

We want to see stories in all genres but in particular ROMANCES that have a billionaire or millionaire in them.  It’s an old trope but a good one.  Change it up to make it fresh and new.  What are some examples of these?  The classic movie that comes to mind of course is Pretty Woman, or Maid in Manhattan was a good one.  A lot of old time harlequin romances featured the classic rich hero and the not so rich heroine.  Change it up or make it fresh and new.  If you write historical – that’s great too. 

I’m not going to give you any other parameters.  These can be hot or sweet, they can be long or short, they can even be part of any of our series. How about a Once Scoop or Two story with a billionaire twist.  Go for it.  Scarlet has Passport to Pleasure series happening now – let’s have some billionaires in there.  Did anyone strike it rich in Wylder?  Maybe a billionaire comes to Wylder?  Its an open call for submissions and no there’s no particular end in site but we’d like to get these out as early in 2022 as we can.


Happy writing.

Rhonda Penders


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