Sunday, November 1, 2015

Christmas is Coming by Katherine McDermott

I recently boosted sales of the paperback version of my suspense romance Hiding by selling them
at an arts and crafts sale and providing Christmas wrapping. This was easy to do. Last year after
Christmas I bought rolls of papers at very low prices. I cut the paper with pinking shears about and
2 inches wider and taller than my book. Then I glued the backsides with rubber cement. Many different charitable organizations have sent me adhesive gift tags so I put them on my sacks as well. All purchasers have to do is slide the book inside, fold down the top and seal it with tape. They might want to add a bow.
Also, with Christmas in mind, I think we should all support each other and our wonderful publishers by giving books from TWRP to our friends and family for the holiday. So Merry Christmas and I plan to do my shopping at The Wild Rose Press website.


stanalei said...

Great idea on the gift bag/book, Katherine. I need all the tips I can get early!

ELF said...

What a lovely idea! I am a little frantic because I realize that I need to get my Christmas box for the soldiers in the mail next week...and I haven't even STARTED writing out their cards! I hate to wrap gifts, so something that is so simple to use would be ideal. (and great idea on where to shop for the gifts!)

Mary Morgan said...

Wonderful idea! Thanks for giving me another idea. I need them all! :) said...

Adhesive labels are rather a good idea! Thanks for sharing with us this beautiful cover. I enjoyed it much!