Monday, August 4, 2014

Playing On Pinterest

You have a Pinterest account, but are you using it for promotion.

I'm going to speak to you as an author and using Pinterest to promote your books and your brand.

First the basics. Don't upload your covers, rather "pin" them from retailers. For all images you'll use, it's a good rule to always "pin" from the internet rather than upload. You won't violate any copyrights if you are "pinning" and not uploading.

You'll start by building a board. You can "Pin" the cover from Amazon, Nook, Kobo etc. this will direct anyone who clicks on your pin to your purchase page at retailers. Another way would be to use a blog post. Put your cover, your blurb, a catchy excerpt, and at the bottom of the blog post, list all the retail links. this way you can do one "Pin" to purchase. It also gains exposure for your blog.

But what else would be a good "Pin" for this board? Where did your story take place? Let's say Times Square in New York City on New Year's Eve? Find an article on the web about what to do in Times Square. Google/Yahoo search on the best bistro in Times Square. Pin that article to your board. How about walking tours in Times Square? Anything to do with Times Square and NYC could be pinned to that board. What else could you "Pin" to your story board? What about what your characters do for a living? Is he a chef? Pin recipes you find on the net. Are they into sports? Pin their favorite sport teams. If they are into football and cooking, pin Superbowl party snacks.

The purpose of pinning is to not only build a story board for your story, but to reach "followers" who aren't necessarily looking for your book, but find you because they were looking for a recipe, a travel destination, a way to decorate their home for Christmas or how to grow tomatoes. So look at your story and pin what your characters would pin.

And build a following. Follow back, search for new people to follow. Don't just follow other authors. As you are searching the web for articles, also search Pinterest. Pin from other Pinterest accounts and begin to create connections. Unlike other social media, there is no chat or heavy interaction on Pinterest. It's a bulletin board of pictures that lead to articles of interest. So don't be scared to follow, share pins, and build an active busy collection of boards.

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Mary Morgan said...

Thanks, Lisa! Currently, my Pinterest is small. It did not occur to me to actively use this for promoting and "reaching" out as a marketing tool. Now, I have so many ideas for new boards on mine. :)

Ashantay said...

Thanks for the information, Lisa. I have a Pinterest account, but find the site is overwhelming. Maybe I've just chosen too many fields!

Unknown said...

Thank you for explaining how to use Pintrest and how it works to our advantage. Very helpful!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lisa/ I have a Pinterest account but haven't been able to figure it out yet.

Louise Lyndon said...

Great blog Lisa. I absolutely LOVE pinterest. It's probably my favorite of all the social media for the reasons you mentioned. I love your idea about pinning to promote your book.

Unknown said...

This post was great! I just joined Pinterest, so I needed this information. I just started a board for my upcoming release. I also found several authors from TWRP to follow.

Anne Duguid Knol said...

Wow, Lisa, I've been on Pinterest for ages but obviously hadn't a clue about what to do. Quite enthused now to get back to it. Love the ideas. So many thanks.