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Who likes to PITCH?

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Melbourne, Florida – November 16, 2013

Who likes to PITCH?

Do you get that rolling sensation in your gut and have to clear your voice to get the frog out? Well, next time, relax. Taking pitches can be almost as nerve racking for the editor. For me, I struggle with wanting the authors to be comfortable. I am as anxious as the author is. I want the pitch to go so well that I fall in love with the book immediately and request it straight away!

Last week, I was invited to participate in the SpacecoasT Authors of Romance Super Saturday event hosted by President, Marian Griffin. Rhonda Penders, the Editor-in-Chief of The Wild Rose Press and CallieLynn Wolfe, Senior Editor of the Black Rose paranormal division were the RWA Chapter’s special guests. Along with a few aspiring authors, we also met with several who have books presently contracted or already published with the Wild Rose Press.

The morning began with Rhonda, Callie, and I participating in a critique session. Some brave souls volunteered their query letters and the first two pages of their manuscripts for our comments. I think we were all pleased with the intimate setting. It made sharing easier and more effective. The most interesting part of having the opening of the manuscripts critiqued by three different editors was not what we agreed about—it was what we didn’t—demonstrating that some issues are a matter of personal taste. Rhonda summed it up and made an excellent point when she read a couple of opening paragraphs from WRP published books to demonstrate how important it is to have strong openings to hook the reader.

After a lovely lunch with what seemed like a stream of nonstop desserts, Rhonda presented a workshop on publishing in today's ever changing market and opened the floor to questions from the audience. A year ago, I blogged about that subject here Behind The Garden Gate. Since then we’ve done quite a few blogs about the industry changes. While Rhonda discussed the various options now available to authors in publishing and what an author should consider in order to find the right fit,
Callie and I took some wonderful pitches. I swear, no one cried, and we requested some or advised changes to plot points. Everyone, including me, seemed to have a great time during the pitches. There’s nothing like having a group of people who all love reading and writing come together and share their interests.

If you get a chance, I recommend that you join a critique group. If one doesn’t fit, find another. Set up plotting sessions with each other. Set up a chat room. The best thing you can do for yourself is help another writer. When you share with someone else, you’ll be surprised how much you learn in return.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Frances Sevilla is a paranormal editor with The Wild Rose Press.

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Denise Golinowski said...

Thanks for this post about the view from the other side of the table. It's hard to remember that it's a shared experience and not adversarial. We authors are so afraid that we'll fudge our "one" chance and need to realize that it's not life-or-death. I've always found the editors at TWRP and other presses to be so understanding of the author's state at pitch sessions. Thanks for sharing and I hope you and everyone at TWRP have a Happy Thanksgiving!