Monday, September 16, 2013

Call for Submission - Summer Heat - Crimson Rose

Before winter arrives in the United States, let’s take one last shot at Summer.  Take a moment to think about how a hot, humid summer night makes you feel.  The evening air is so close that something feels as if it is just around the corner.  Your skin is moist and almost feels as if it is someone else’s.  The cicada song gets louder and feels as if it could overwhelm you.  Doesn’t that sound for the perfect setting for some kind of crime?

Crimson Rose announces a submission call.

“Summer Heat”

•             Spice level:  Sweet to Hot
•             Length:   7,500 to 55,000 words

Crime and emotions seem to spike on hot summer nights.  Bring them together and the results are explosive.  Let your late night imaginations run rampant.  It can be any kind of mystery or action suspense.  The hero and heroine can be the investigators, or the victims.  The only requirement is that the heat of a summer night must be a key role.  We even welcome manuscripts taking place in a foreign country.

Submit your synopsis and query to after checking out the Crimson guidelines on our website. In the subject line include: Summer Heat Series and the Title of your manuscript.  For questions or clarification, please feel free to contact Lori Graham, Senior Editor for Crimson Rose, at lori (at)

Get a jump on summer and start thinking hot now.  We look forward to seeing just how far and how clever your imagination can be.

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