Monday, July 2, 2012

You have a release what?

Remember the post from a few weeks ago called After Galley? RJ gave us insight on what happens to your book once both you and your editor have said, "Yes, my baby is ready to go."

Finally you receive the email notification. You have a release date. Now what?

First, read the report carefully. It contains your name as is will appear at etailers and on our website. Be sure it's spelled correctly. Make sure the heat rating is correct. We have a series of checks and balances so hopefully by this point there are no mistakes, but this is that last chance to be sure. Check your title, your genre, etc. Every line of text on that email is important to someone who will be putting your book to market. And finally, open the PDF that comes attached in this email. This is your final file and the PDF that will eventually be available for purchase. Just give it a quick glance. Is your book cover correct in the file, the copyright date?

It's rare that you'll ever find an issue, but it makes a fix far easier if it's found before your book is uploaded to etailers on the web.

So you've checked your PDF and your book metadata is all correct. Now it's time to plan. You'll have anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to plot out your marketing strategy. But I'm sure you have some questions like, when will my book be on the coming soon page?

Our coming soon page shows books that will be releasing within the next 4 to 6 weeks. Your coming soon page will become your buy page. The URL won't change. Once you have your coming soon page, you'll see a Twitter and Facebook share button at the bottom of the page. You can share your book with your Twitter and Facebook friends. Also, you can use this function to share your fellow TWRP author's books. Promote each other. A network of authors is going to reach more readers.

You may be wondering if you should have reviews before the book releases. Actually no, we make your book available to reviewers prior to release, but only a few weeks. We are an electronic publisher and we market to consumers on the internet. If a reader sees your review, we want there to be a cover and a buy link with a book that is live. So we want reviews to post after release date.

So what can you do before release? Add your website and book title - coming soon to your email sigline. Schedule a blog tour, see if other authors would like to join you to host a party on a yahoo loop. TWRP has two reader loops. (erotic content)

My best advice on promoting your book is to do what you enjoy. If you hate blogging, don't start a blog. Perhaps schedule a blog tour where you do a week's worth of stops, but then your blogging is done. Post tidbits from your books on facebook. The first kiss, the physical description, the best line during the black moment. There are many teasers within your books that would make great Facebook posts. Twitter is perfect for "tagline" type of tweets?

But wait, your book is going to print. When will that happen? Your ebook page always comes first on the TWRP main website. (The Wilder Roses website generally shows the print buy page prior to the ebook)
When your book is available for purchase (generally 2 to 2 1/2 weeks before digital release) you will receive an email from RJ similar to the ebook release report. Read this email carefully. It tells you everything you need to know about your print edition, including how to order for yourself. Your print buy page will then be linked to your digital page on the website. Print and ebook each have their own URL.

Here are a couple of links to help with promotion. - this loop generates emails from the Yahoo calendar on what to post and what Yahoo loops. No chat email. - this loop is for authors to help authors.

If you know of a resource for authors, leave a comment and share it with us.

Stop back for more on marketing.

Lisa Dawn
Marketing Director
The Wild Rose Press


Maddy said...

This a timely post for me -- learning about marketing. And there certainly is a lot to learn.

Do you have any opinions you might be willing to share about groups of similar genre authors [or different] presenting a joint blog?

I've seen several of these working well from the readers perspective but I'm wondering how taxing their are for the bloggers who take time away from their writing to pursue this avenue.

Maddy said...

p.s. the 'loop' link is inactive.

The Wild Rose Press said...

Here is the URL for the promotion loop.