Monday, April 9, 2012

A New Series from Last Rose of Summer

Everyone loves a wedding.
Fragrant baskets of brightly colored flowers; the sounds of harps and violins wafting on warm breezes; luscious seven-tiered cakes; and the expected something old, new, borrowed and blue.
That's what the editors for the Last Rose of Summer are looking for in our new series:
Dearly Beloved

Every successful event has the usual happy couple. For a Last Rose hero or heroine, they could be  marrying for the first time, perhaps not. We also believe the bride and groom shouldn't hog all the glory. Any of the second stringers involved in the wedding could very well take the spotlight and become the hero and/or heroine: clergy, wedding planner, pastry chef, caterer, florist, musicians, parents of the happy couple [or step-parents], members of the wedding party.
We want to be reminded of why two people commit to each other till death do them part. 

Certainly, bride-zillas, wedding Nazis; possessed caterers; twelve-handed best men or nymphomaniac bridesmaids are always welcome to join the mix. Perhaps having the entire wedding party down with the 24 hour flu and barfing their way down the aisle would add an unforgettable touch to the activities. 

Submission specifics:
Word count: 7,500—25,000

Dearly Beloved  will be limited to 15 contracted stories so it is important to write with heart and make sure the story is heavy on goals, motivation, conflict and a HEA.

Heat:  sweet to spicy [no erotica please].

Note: At some point in the story, the phrase “Dearly Beloved”, must be included.

Please follow general submission guidelines on the TWRP website for formatting; submit through In the subject line include: Dearly Beloved Series and the TITLE.

For questions or clarification, feel free to contact Kathy Cottrell, Senior Editor for the Last Rose of Summer line, at

The possibility for this series are endless; we're excited to see what our talented authors can create.   

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