Saturday, March 24, 2012

Technology and eBooks

Do you have a smart phone yet?  Would you believe I have only owned a smart phone for 1 week.  Yes, I was a long time coming to the table with this but not really through choice.  Well, everything is through choice, but circumstances were such that I had used up my upgrades at a popular phone carrier so I had to wait until mid March this year to be eligible. When it arrived, it took me almost a full day to open it and plug it in to charge.  I was so nervous! They are so expensive and I thought, what if I hate this?  What if I can't master it?  What if I don't see what all the fuss is about.

Well, I"m thrilled to tell you I was wrong on all accounts.  I am completely, madly, head over heels in love with my iPhone.  This is like having a mini-laptop in my hand all the time.  I can check on things from my phone.  I can keep tabs on the company and my email without having to be in this office.  Rather than a chain to my work, for me it has freed me from this desk chair. I can be anywhere, running errands, sitting at the beach, working in the yard, anywhere and take two minutes to check my mail or shoot off a quick note.  

Beside the fact that I'm like a new bride and want everyone to be as in love and happy as I am with my new relationship,having this phone brought it home to me in a very real way why so many people are reading books on their phones. This phone is an extension of my world.  It holds my memories in pictures and videos, it holds my entertainment, my work, my socializing and my financial life.  Why would it not make sense for it to hold my personal library of things to read and things I've already read.

I fully believe the next 2-3 years will be an even greater explosion of ebooks as more and more readers download directly to their phones either the ebook or the audio version.  The Wild Rose Press is doing its part at keeping up.  We've had an App waiting for approval from Apple for several months now.  As more and more of our titles become available through Apple, its only a matter of time before we get our App and we will be sure to announce it loud and clear when it arrives (for those of you on the Android platform we've had an App there for several months).  We're working hard to get our titles, at least our new titles, into audio form and out for sale through audio channels.

If you've been on the fence about a smart phone - trust me, you will never regret it.  Well until the bill comes that's still a painful moment - lol.


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