Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Write your heart...

Hello, my name is Christine Kuczmynda, and I'm an editor here at The Wild Rose Press. I work with Nicole in the Historical plot of the garden and with Diana in Scarlet.

As an editor and a reader before that, I've seen many, many different types of books come through our doors. Some manuscripts I just know the author's trying to push through because the topic is what's 'in' right now-or they're trying to do a twist on a popular theme. For example, if we still accepted YA novels, I'm sure there would be a million and one about high schoolers falling in love with vampires.

Now in theory there's nothing wrong with this. And if the story is well-written with dynamic characters, it definitely works.

However, if you aren't writing your heart, or your passion, it shows on paper. It's lifeless, or cardboard. Flat characters. Or crazy ideas. Things that may make even the most prolific romance reader cringe in horror.

As a writer, I'm aware that my first completed novel is not ready for prime time publishing. But I think about it frequently. I love the hero and heroine. I still love the story. And I'm sure at some point I'll take it out, dust it off, and give it a rewrite.

Getting published is important-a dream of most writers. We, here at TWRP love to help authors' dreams come true.

But don't forget to write your heart.

Something started you on this path. Don't lose sight of it.


Dara Young said...

Great post Christine! It is easy to forget that writing has to be more than just a business. *wink* Feeling awfully lucky that you're my editor.

Nona Raines said...

Christine, those are truly words of wisdom! Though it's tempting to try to jump on the latest bandwagon of what's "hot", I think you're right that the love won't show through. If I may be so bold, would you share what genre/type of romance you enjoy writing in?