Sunday, July 3, 2011

Classic Contemporaries

I inherited my "romance-reader" gene from my mother. On quiet evenings, after the dinner dishes were washed and my younger sister was tucked in bed, she curled up on a comfy chair in the living room. One hand held a paperback; the other, a chocolate bar (I also inherited her chocolate addiction).

She loved the early series romances. Every month, like clockwork, a shopping bag filled with that month's releases appeared at the house. Eventually I began to sift through her bag of goodies, and as a teenager, cut my teeth on masters like Anne Mather, Violet Winspear, and Betty Neels.

Back then, heroines tended to be nurses, nannies, and secretaries. The men they fell in love with were wealthy and aristocratic: doctors, tycoons, owners of islands and kingdoms. Settings included everything from the businessman's London to the rancher's Australian Outback. (No heroine could resist a rugged, suntanned hero on a horse.) And I always looked forward to a new book by Betty Neels. An English nurse herself, Neels transplanted her heroines to Holland, where they met and fell for proper Dutch doctors.

Our new Champagne series, The Millionaire's Club, pays homage to these classics--with a modern, edgier twist. We're looking for submissions between 20k and 60k. Stories must be rated spicy to hot and must contain a fully depicted and fully consummated love scene. For more details, check out our website or feel free to e-mail me at

Keep reading and writing!

Senior Editor, Champagne Rose

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