Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Difference between Sweetheart and Champagne

Oh my God! You totally rejected my story, and it was "perfect" for your line. The hero and heroine didn't have visible sex and I threw in a cute child. How could you do this to me? Would it help if I added an adorable dog?

Sweetheart is a "sweet" line. It's true what little sex occurs happens behind closed doors, but there are a few fundamental differences between Sweetheart and Champagne Rose, the two contemporary lines at The Wild Rose Press.

A child doesn't count.

Neither does a dog.

The centerpiece of every Sweetheart Rose is the growth of the emotional connection between the hero and the heroine. It's that yearning to find the perfect person, and the feeling that maybe--just maybe--this is the one person who'll see you for who you are, love you madly and still be there holding your hand when you're old and wrinkled.

Because of our target audience, excessive swearing and strongly graphic depictions of sexual attraction don't work. If your heroine spends all her time staring at the hero's crotch, or you "close the door" after the hero slides his hands under her skirt, a suggestion would be to shift the focus to what your people are feeling and shut that door a little earlier.

We're in the business of warm-fuzzies, and while a child or pet are good elements, they need to work for the story. There's a big difference in a heroine with a son she leaves at daycare while her story plays out with the hero, and a heroine who will stand up and fight for her son, even if the hero happens to be her son's teacher.

If you have any questions, let us know. We're always looking for a warm, feel-good read.


Unknown said...

I'm a WRP author. great post.

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Sheila Deeth said...

Thank you. I'm slowly learning to see the different genres and this helps.