Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Last Rose of Summer

September is Last Rose of Summer month here at The Wild Rose Press. Over the years, I've taken some flak for the name of this line. Contrary to popular belief it is NOT the line for those that are in their last chapters of life; it is not the line for someone who is desperate and this is their last chance at love.

If you live anywhere that experiences seasonal changes, frost, snow, ice, etc. you might be familiar with this type of flower. The last rose of summer clings to the vine - blooming, even when the snow begins to fall and all around it other flowers shrivel up and die in the cold. The last rose of summer stays strong, stubbornly hanging on when all hope is lost. It is beautiful, and plucky and never something you take for granted.

That's what the heroines are in this line. They've seen life a bit - that's not to say they are old but they have experienced some of life's challenges and come out still blooming. They could be as young as 30 or in their 40's and 50's, as in life there is no "age" when life throws you a curveball. These gals might well be divorced or widowed young or they may have never married and suddenly find themselves truly in love for the first time. Maybe they've been caring for sick familly members and missed out on all the fun of being in love and are going to catch up now. There are any number of scenarios for these gals. Browse our selection in this plucky line and I"m sure you'll find a title or two that catches your eye because of course its going to take a pretty special hero to convince these heroines they need to be a part of their lives.

Last Rose of Summer - a thing of pure beauty and certainly never anyone to be pitied. Happy September!


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