Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Finding the perfect story…

My last post spoke about what happens after you submit to TWRP. Now, I want to touch on what happens when we find a story we want to contract.

The title of this post is a bit misleading. A “perfect story” might lead you, as an author, to believe everything about your work must be perfect before it is contracted. That is simply not true. But, what is true is that it must be a story that has been polished, edited, and worked on diligently and with passion. It can’t be in a rough draft form, or sent out before it’s ready. While it’s an editor’s job to polish a manuscript until is shines, it is not our job to rewrite the entire work. So, be sure to send in your best work, and have it looked over either by a trusted writing friend or critique partner first.

That said, there is a rush when you find a story that has “soul.” I love discovering new authors! I also love seeing an author grow, book after book.

Now, while a manuscript having “soul” might mean one thing to one editor, and something all together different to another, there is a common factor—your passion as a writer. It’s possible to read a manuscript, which technically has all the right factors: the point of view is spot on, the characters say and do the right things, and the plot can make sense and have a sufficient amount of conflict…but the reader can still feel nothing.

What really adds the spark, the undeniable, intangible “something” to an author’s work is the passion of the author for her characters and their love story. Then, the editor is brought along for their ride. They feel all their emotions, all their desire, and all their pain.

When I find a story that moves me this much, excitement courses through me. I LIVE for moments like these. There is nothing better than telling an author her work is going to be published. Believe it or not, editors WANT to publish your story. We want to find a great romance. Regardless of the horror stories you might have heard about editors, we are just people who love writing, reading, and publishing.

So, send us your best work, your fabulous love story, your book of the heart. We are waiting to read your submission!

Renee Lynn
Editor--Champagne Line
The Wild Rose Press


Unknown said...

Your passion for finding wonderful stories make me want to become an editor. I hope you find many such stories.

Renee Lynn said...

Thanks, Ashley! There is nothing wrong with that ambition :) Good editors are always needed.

Thanks for commenting!


Debra St. John said...

Hi Renee! As authors we live for those soul moving, heart pounding, contract offering moments as well! Thanks for letting us peek into your process.

Diane Craver said...

You and the other Wild Rose Press editors are definitely doing a great job in accepting and editing perfect stories. I've read several ones (both novel length and short stories) published by TWRP and been impressed with the high quality and page turners!

Mary Ricksen said...

When someone gets it. When the story written has made an impact, the characters are real, you can smell the scents described by an author, then that's what makes it all worth it.
What a great job, being paid to read. Now I know deadlines, and massive amounts of editing must be really tough to face, but you get to read all day. You can't beat that!

Renee Lynn said...

LOL, Debra! Thanks for checking out my post.


Renee Lynn said...


So happy you have enjoyed the stories you've read from TWRP! I have to admit to loving them too :)

Thanks for commenting and stopping by Behind the Garden Gate!


Renee Lynn said...

Hi Mary,

Yes, it is FUN! I love my job!

Thanks for stopping by!


Eliza Knight said...

Renne its wonderful to know editors get just as excited as authors!