Friday, September 5, 2008


I am so excited. I am teachable!! I want to start by thanking the patient teachers who have been so great. I have worked with computers for...well, let's not go there. It is just too depressing. I have even taught my kids how to use computers but blogging was something I couldn't get in my brain.

So, now that I am in here, you would think I would have something really incredible to say, wouldn't you? :) Since I don't, I'll start with some basics. My name is Lori Graham and I am the senior editor for the Crimson Rose line of The Wild Rose Press. I also do some editing for the Climbing Rose line and the White Rose line because you can't live in murder and mayhem 100% of the time. I have been blessed by a wonderful family both at home and here at the garden and if you are still new to the house, you will love it here.

Crimson Rose is nearing our "month of the year" as we are the featured line in November. We are in the planning stages for the month so be looking for new items in association with it. However, if you have ever considered trying your hand at a crimson and want to give it a shot, I would love to get some free reads out on the website. Please give me a jingle at and let's talk.

Also, while we always love a full and rosebud manuscript and how they help us escape our non-reading lives, I would love to see some rosettes and miniatures added to our catelogue. I understand it is tougher to write a romantic, suspenseful short but it can be done so I'll put the challenge out there. Any takers??

Have a great weekend everyone and for those of you who love football, is fall again!!


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