Saturday, June 21, 2008

Imagine we're all in one building...

If The Wild Rose Press were housed in one building, what would our floor plan look like? How would our offices look?

Let's see...perhaps we’d walk into a garden-like main room, complete with roses and other plants, grow lights and floor-to-ceiling windows. From there, all the lines would branch like vines along separate hallways, coming back together at the other end into a massive meeting room.

Halfway down the American Rose hall is my office. Green walls, landscape pictures, lush plants, a fountain, fluffy rugs, and soft new-age music fill the room. A tiled counter near the shower/bathroom holds a coffee maker and small refrigerator. Plush chairs surrounding a mosaic-topped table await friendly chitchat with authors and editing colleagues.

Near my antique oak desk, shelves and baskets hold mementos, flash drives, and CDs. A Tiffany lamp, family photos, and a 22-inch widescreen high-def LCD computer monitor grace the desk’s surface. Although my office is paperless, the pink sticky-note pad beside Mr. Cupholder gets much use, as does the bulletin board/whiteboard enclosed within a wall cabinet behind my desk. The computer is top of the line and mainframed with TWRP’s production floor, which is even more luxurious than the main floor. My chair, of course, converts into a recliner for that 3:00 powernap.

That’s what my TWRP office would look like. How about yours?

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Roni said...

Hey Pam sounds like a great office! My ideal office would be done in a beautiful creamy white with pink trim. I'd have my collection of rose items and paintings around me. My own office at home stuggles with its identity between roses and cowboys. My ideal would be maybe an office big enough for both of my interests to share space. Hmm maybe I need two offices in our imaginary building! I know one thing for sure though, RJ would want hers far away from mine so my endless chatter wouldn't annoy her too much.