Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Come on, you know you want to...

Betcha never thought you'd want to write a sweet romance. Betcha thought you'd never want to write a sweet romance set in a flower shop in a college town in California...

The New Flower Basket sweetheart continuity is open for submissions, and like RWA says, have we got a story for you.

Hie thee to our website, and read the fabulous story, Business is Blooming, by Linda Carroll-Bradd. Join Grace, Steffie and Donica in Sweetheart's version of Wayback.

Set in gorgeous Almendra, CA, where more than flowers are blooming--

Each story should involve a visit to the flower shop, either by an order placed over the phone or in person, or a spontaneous visit to pick up a last-minute bouquet. The Flower Basket supplies arrangements for any occasion—big or small, happy or sad. Each woman brings special talents to the operation of the store.

Story lengths range from a minimum of 7,000 words to full-length novels.

All stories must fit into Sweetheart guidelines. The focus should be squarely placed on the growth of an emotional bond between the hero and heroine. They can touch and kiss, but keep it clean, lol--we're looking for how they feel up in their heads,, you get the picture.

Visit the Flower Basket today. Continuity guidelines, Sweetheart guidelines, and Linda's wonderful story are now up.

Join the Garden...

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