Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Rifle Approach to Story Writing

The Rifle Approach to Story Writing
Kathy Cottrell, Senior Editor,
Last Rose of Summer, the Wild Rose Press

No matter the length of your story, as you create it, the characters and setting, keep the RIFLE approach in mind and you'll never go wrong.
Think about what's on your keeper shelf/shelves. This is why we keep them and go back to them, like old friends, or that old, comfortable pair of slippers, and that worn, softest blankie.

R—always make it realistic. If the reader can't make sense of things, they won't finish the book.

I—make it/them intriguing. Intrigue is what keeps those pages turning.

F—Make it fun. If it's not fun to read [or write] why keep doing it?

L—is it logical? It might be realistic but is the setting or are the character[s]’  actions logical? Do they make sense?

E—make it entertaining. Have it move, keep those pages turning. Make the reader want to come back for more in that next [or previous] book.     


Jannine Gallant said...

I like this, Kathy. I might have to create my own "word" with reminders of what not to do. LOL

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